3 ways your garden can save you money – and add value

Your garden can save you money while making your property more desirable at the same time – here's how

garden with a tall tree and deck chairs
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Gardens are great for relaxing and enjoying nature, but did you know that there are ways a garden can save you money? Most home owners know by now that if you want to know how to add value to your home, a garden should be on your radar, as the pandemic has made people value outdoor space more. But if you focus on the following features* of your backyard space, you could end up saving and adding value at the same time. 

1. Well positioned trees can save 25 percent on your energy bills

garden with a tall tree and deck chairs

(Image credit: Getty/Jon Lovette)

A large tree in your garden could be acting as a natural windbreaker, meaning you are less likely to feel drafts and put the heating on. This will be especially important if you live in a wind-prone and exposed location. Best trees to use a windbreaks include alders, pines, eucalyptus, and lime trees. Smaller trees like plum or sea buckthorn also offer excellent wind protection. Have these species in your garden and you could save a whopping 25 percent on energy bills, because it'll be less draughty and cold at home.

Those same trees provide that much-needed shade during the summer months - it’s around 3-6 degrees cooler in tree-shaded areas - leaving you less likely to turn on fans or air conditioning and save on your energy bills. You also won't need to buy awning or garden parasols if a tree gives you enough coverage.

2. A tall fence can save money and add 20% value

tall garden fence with a patio

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Similarly to tree, a large fence can act as a windbreaker around your property meaning you’re less likely to feel the draft and reach for the thermostat. 

Although on average a fence can be around $1,000 to build, depending on your garden size., it can also add up to 20 percent to your home's value when it comes to sell. Just make sure that it's a good-looking, stained or oil or metal fence for it to add value. Check out our garden fence ideas for inspiration. Actually, if you don't like fences, you can have a trellis or thick hedge – they can offer substantial protection from wind and cold, keeping your home warmer. 

3. A porch can add insulation to your home as well as add value

Porch with garden and adirondack chairs

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A porch can act as insulation around your home, stopping the heat from escaping and keeping your property warmer. The more enclosed the porch, the more benefits it will offer. Firstly, it will act as a 'storm window' around your house, reducing the amount of cold air getting through windows and doors. Secondly, it will trap warmer air, reducing the need to heat your porch. Browse our porch ideas to see what designs you could achieve.

Porches can also add value to your home if you’re looking to sell. Having said that, don't go for a three-season/glass porch – they're very expensive to build (as much as $70,000) and don't add value. Glass also isn't all that effective at keeping you warm, so you'll end up spending extra on heating. 

* Tips developed in collaboration with Boiler Plan.

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