Where to buy toilet roll? From these online shops!

Low on toilet roll? These retailers have loads of stock! Don't you worry...

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Soon to run out of toilet roll? These online retailers all have online stock of toilet paper, ready for you to add to your basket and (enjoy?) in a few days time. Brilliant stuff!

It's old news now that items such as cleaning products, pasta, eggs and toilet rolls are being stockpiled. And those of us who aren't buying these products in bulk are unfortunately having to live without until we find some in our local supermarket. Or online if we can wait. To ensure you're never without any essentials, we're trying our best to find stock of toilet rolls (and more!) at popular online supermarkets. Please note that these are stock levels online, not at your local store. And remember to only buy what you need.

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Toilet roll stock levels: UK stores

Toilet rolls available today:

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4 packs

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Sainsbury's Super Soft Toilet Tissue, Pure White x4 Rolls | £1.90 at Sainsbury's (opens in new tab)
£1.90 for four rolls? Bargain. 

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ASDA Shades Cherry Blossom Toilet Roll 4 Rolls | £1.90 at Asda (opens in new tab)
Shopping at Asda? This four-pack is also a bargain.

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Andrex Toilet Tissue Classic Clean White 4 Roll | £2.50 at Tesco (opens in new tab)
Prefer Andrex? Tesco are selling four rolls for £2.50.

9 packs

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Superdrug Toilet Roll 3 Ply x 9 | £2.50 at Superdrug (opens in new tab)
Yes, Superdrug sell toilet roll. Even better so that you can order now and pick up from your local store (providing they have stock) within 30 minutes. Great for emergencies.

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Tesco Luxury Soft Eco Toilet Tissue 9 Rolls | £3.35 at Tesco (opens in new tab)
Nine eco-friendly toilet rolls for £3.35? Bargain. Add this pack to your food shop.

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essential Waitrose White Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue | £3.70 at Waitrose (opens in new tab)
Looking for a cheaper option? Waitrose own loo roll is just £3.90 for nine rolls. That's 43 pence per roll. Although, you may have to wait in a queue to shop online.

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Andrex Skin Kind Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Toilet Roll 9 Rolls | £5.50 £4.50 at Asda (opens in new tab)
On sale with £1 off, this nine pack of Andrex rolls is kind to sensitive skin.

12 packs

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Andrex Gentle Clean 12 Rolls | £5 £4.75 at Asda (opens in new tab)
These 12 Andrex rolls are a steal. add them to your food shopping now.

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Cushelle White Toilet Roll 12 Rolls | £5 at Asda (opens in new tab)
A bargain for just £5, these toilet rolls are still in stock (not for long, though). 

16 packs

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Andrex Supreme Quilts Toilet Tissue 16 Rolls | £9.25 at Sainsbury's (opens in new tab)
Great for families, this Andrex loo roll works out at 58 pence per roll.

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Andrex Toilet Tissue Classic Clean 16 Roll | £8.95 at Tesco (opens in new tab)
Buy 16 rolls of Andrex loo roll for under £9 at Tesco.

24 packs

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Cushelle XXL White Toilet Roll 24 Rolls | £8.75 at Asda (opens in new tab)
It's only necessary to buy this amount of toilet roll if you have a large family. It's very hard to come by at 24 pack at the moment.

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