5 things you'll only know if you've got a downstairs bathroom

The trials and tribulations of life with a downstairs bathroom

downstairs bathroom with a freestanding modern bath, white metro tiles and soft pink walls
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Downstairs bathrooms are not commonly something to be desired. It's true that they're handy for washing the dog or cleaning muddy children without traipsing dirt into your staircase carpet, but on the whole, it's best to have your bathroom upstairs, right?

If your downstairs bathroom is driving you crazy, watch the Real Homes Show, where we visit a reader's home and advise on how best to relocate her bathroom. 

But until your find a new home for your tub, see how many of these downstairs bathroom woes you find yourself nodding along to...

1. The bathroom lock is one of the most important things in your home

With your bath so perfectly positioned within direct eye line from your kitchen sink, it's safe to say the bathroom lock has saved you a fair few times. The sound of the handle turning and the thought of a kitchen full of people seeing you completely starkers still makes you jump out of your skin. But the trusty lock protects your dignity (and keeps the kids out too!) 

2. Holding it in is the lesser of two evils

Wake up in the middle of the night bursting for the loo? The only thing more painful than holding it in is the dread of the chilly walk all the way downstairs. The hallway light will most definitely wake the kids up, and if that doesn't, the dog that barks at you as you tip toe past his bed most certainly will. So, you're a master of holding it in, for as long as possible. That can't be good for you though, can it?

3. Waterproof earplugs are a lifesaver

You know the drill. For the entirety of your stressy day, the thought of a nice relaxing lavender-infused bath has been the only thing keeping you going. Just as you sink into you bubble haven, in comes the thud of the dishwasher, the drumming of the washing machine, or even worse, the kids squealing at the TV. After too many noisy, short and not even relaxing baths, you've discovered noise-reducing earplugs that are waterproof too. Problem solved. You are a genius. 

4. You've got nothing to hide (well, almost nothing)

You've stopped feeling embarrassed about your guests seeing you in your towel. It happens. The kitchen is the only route to the bathroom. Love me, love my white fluffy bathrobe. 

5. The mop is best kept close to hand

You clean your bathroom floor twice as often as any other room. Everyone always asks if they should take off their shoes to go upstairs, but no one thinks to protect your lovely bathroom floor tiles. Walking their muddy shoes allover the place where your squeaky clean toes are about to tread is just not okay. 

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