10 fabulous Thanksgiving table decorating ideas

Celebrate all with our selection of gorgeous Thanksgiving table decorating ideas

Autumn Table Setting Lights4fun
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With fall in full swing, it's all about staying warm and enjoying delicious homemade meals. It's also the time of Thanksgiving, when families traditionally gather around the table to give thanks for the blessing of the year's harvest. 

If you like the idea of marking the season with a colourful and plentiful dinner table setting that pays homage to Thanksgiving, we have plenty of dining room ideas, from homemade Thanksgiving decorating ideas to Thanksgiving theme decorations. 

1. Decorate your kitchen with an autumnal garland

What harvest celebration is complete without pumpkins? Pumpkin pie, pumpkin-flavoured cupcakes – which will it be this Thanksgiving? Let your Thanksgiving home decorations take their cue from this staple fall food.

Our favorite is the cheerful Thanksgiving party decoration kit by Rosie and the Boys, available at Not On The High Street. 

Thanksgiving Party Decoration Kit Not On The High Street

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

Autumn leaves also make perfect Thanksgiving decorations. You can pick up your own (if you're lucky and the leaves are colorful where you live), or choose from a wide selection of garlands at Amazon. 

Aboat Fall Leaves Garlands with 20 Warm White Lights, Currently priced at £7.89

(Image credit: Amazon)

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2. Go for animal themed Thanksgiving table decor

Giving thanks for the year's harvest is not just about pumpkins! This is the time to celebrate all of nature – including, but not limited to, the bird that invariably ends up on the Thanksgiving table.

Speaking of the bird, if the obligatory turkey won't be making an appearance on your Thanksgiving table, you can still make a reference to it with these stunning Turkey and Sprout napkins by Thornback & Peel, available from Anabel James. 

Turkey and Sprout Napkins

(Image credit: Annabel James)

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For a more British take on the Thanksgiving table, why not introduce animal-themed decorations featuring forest animals? 

We like the very cute Kissing Badgers coated cotton tablecloth from Anorak. 

Anorak - Kissing Badgers Coated Cotton Tablecloth (Dusky Green)

(Image credit: Anorak)

And these monochrome animal plates by Dunelm will bring an enchanted forest vibe to family dining throughout the winter season. 

AW18 Winter Warm Dining by Dunelm

(Image credit: Dunelm)

3. Scatter decorations for a natural Thanksgiving theme

Want to add a relaxed, boho vibe to your Thanksgiving decorating theme? The key is to be more relaxed about how your position your decorations. Not everything needs to be perfectly symmetrical – instead, scatter your decorations in a way that looks natural and not too fussy. Mix and match shop-bought decorations with real veggies and leaves for a variety of textures and colours. 

We love this natural-looking Thanksgiving theme featuring the large mottled rose gold pumpkin battery light from Lights4fun.

Autumnal pumpkin tablescape by Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

For an instant splash of colour, look no further than the 174 pieces autumn table scatters by Boao, £6.99 from Amazon. 

174 Pieces Autumn Table Scatters, Currently priced at £6.99

(Image credit: Amazon)

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4. Warm up the table with cozy lighting

Cozy lighting is key to creating an inviting Thanksgiving table; candles are a must, whether up in a candlestick, or spread across the table in tealight holders. 

Our pick are the gorgeously amber-toned Swedish glass votives, £24 for a pack of four from Raj Tent Club

Raj Tent Club - Candlesticks and votives - Swedish glass votives, amber orange,

(Image credit: Raj Tent Club)

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Why not add some fairy lights, too? These LED light string with wood maple leaf by Heitmann Deco will add an autumnal ambience to any Thanksgiving table. 

Heitmann Deco LED Light String with Wood Maple Leaf, Currently priced at £14.51

(Image credit: Amazon)

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5. Accessorize with a Thanksgiving basket

An easy way to add that rustic, harvest-time charm to your apartment is by displaying a pretty woven basket full of autumn fruit either on your dinner table, or in your living room or hallway. It helps if your decor harmonizes with your decorating style. 

We think that this living room featuring the wooden rustic two drawer four basket storage unit by Melody Maison is a perfect marriage of smart and rustic. 

Wooden Rustic 2 Drawer 4 Basket Storage Unit - Dorchester Range by Melody Maison

(Image credit: Melody Maison)

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And how delightful is this bread basket with assorted animal embroidery by Rice Denmark? Perfect for adding an element of Scandi cosiness to your Thanksgiving table – and throughout the year. 

RICE Brotkorb Set Vögel by TakaTomo.de

(Image credit: TakaTomo.de)

6. Go traditional with a centerpiece bouquet

For those whose Thanksgiving dinner will include lots of guests, a centerpiece table arrangement is a must. Dress your table to impress with autumnal flowers (asters work especially well), dried grasses, and even a pheasant feather or two. And, of course, get out your finest tableware. 

This celebration table has been decorated using the Wild Apricity collection by Katie Alice. Available from Creative Tops. 

Katie Alice Wild Apricity Lifestyle by Creative Tops

(Image credit: Creative Tops)

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7. Put finishing touches with Thanksgiving napkin rings

Pumplkin table decorations Not On The High Street

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

When it comes to table decorating, it's all about detail and a sense of ceremony. So go on and pick the finest Thanksgiving napkin rings out there. We think these Gold Leaf napkin rings from Adenza are strong contenders. 

Gold Leaf Napkin Rings (Set Of 4) (AVAILABLE FROM END OF SEPT)

(Image credit: Audenza)

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