4 simple spring wreath ideas to DIY at home

Get crafty with these simple DIY spring wreath ideas that will add color and character to your front door – or inside your home.

spring wreath hanging from wall with pots of spring plants, keepsakes and candles
(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Spring heralds a shift in light which means all those pretty blooms start to appear – daffodils, blossom, crocuses, anemones and so many more. What better way to celebrate this season of hope than to craft your own spring wreath for your front door or a wall inside? Thankfully, there are lots of spring wreath ideas that are simple to recreate and completely affordable.

Display yours on your mantle, hang it above your favorite couch or let it brighten up your front porch, wherever you place it, we promise that your guests will be super impressed by your creativity! 

Spring wreath ideas to add vibrancy to your front door

There are many different types of wreaths to choose from. When deciding on how to make a spring wreath that will suit your home, look for similar colors to your surroundings and furnishings like living room rugs, throws and the like, but don't be afraid to add contrasting hues into the design mix either – brights are sure to lift your space, big or small. 

We like to go really natural with fresh blooms on a moss bass, faux or with fabric – the 'mesh' wreath. You can add butterflies, ribbons, use one single flower variety all the way around or only cover your hoop with foliage – it's up to you and your particular style, that's the fun part! 

You may have some supplies at home already, you can even head out into your garden and cut flowers of your own, or you may want to purchase a kit that has everything you need to create a DIY wreath. If you want an everlasting wreath then consider using faux flowers, they've come on leaps and bounds design wise and are very realistic, Wayfair has a large selection to choose from, like these Artificial Ranunculus Sprays, – very cute. This is what else you'll need:

  • Wreath frame/ring - this could be traditional metal, rattan or wooden 
  • Floristry wire reel
  • Selection of foliage and twigs: check out what you have in your backyard, or on a dog walk, look for stems in bud and evergreen foliage
  • Flowers:  tulips, narcissi, wax flower, solidago, statice and ranunculus are all good options, or opt for faux
  • Moss – essential if you're making a traditional wreath
  • Water tubes – perfect for using in a natural wreath with real stems 
  • A bowl of water
  • Ribbon to tie it up with

1. A traditional wreath made on a moss ring 

spring wreath step by step

(Image credit: Sophie Allport/The Country Garden Florist)

Sophie Allport teamed up with the lovely Donna Willingham from The Country Garden Florist to create this beautiful natural spring wreath – follow the step by step here. This wreath is made in the traditional way – on a classic wire ring with moss. If you want to be more eco-friendly then swap floristry wire for strong string, when the flowers naturally die you can cut it all off the base and pop in your compost bin. Keep the wreath for an autumnal or DIY Christmas wreath design.

2. An asymmetrical design on a rattan base

spring wreath hanging from wall with pots of spring plants, keepsakes and candles

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Hobbycraft asked painter, illustrator, maker and author, Becki Clark, to create a step-by-step on how to make a fresh spring wreath. This is a perfect addition to a spring front porch or to brighten up a bare door and it's made using fresh flowers, a rattan wreath base and a few floristry essentials. To make it at home, follow their tutorial here.

3. An everlasting wreath using faux stems

Hobbycraft spring wreath step by step

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

If you'd rather have a spring wreath that doesn't wilt, check out this design by maker Jo Boland. Created for Hobbycraft , Boland crafted this stunning long lasting spring wreath using faux flowers for maximum effect. To copy this design you'll need the below, or similar. Find the step-by-step here

  • Reindeer moss
  • Rattan grapevine wreath
  • White daisy pick
  • Assorted delphinium pick
  • Yellow narcissus pick
  • Assorted pansy pick
  • Original hi-tack all purpose glue or a glue gun

4. Tulips and faux eggs for a seasonal celebration 

Easter wreath with faux tulips and faux eggs

(Image credit: The Lived-in Look)

Learn how to make the ultimate DIY Easter wreath, complete with faux tulips and faux speckled eggs, to enjoy all the spring feels in one super sweet design! Martina from The Lived-in Look has created a fabulous step by step tutorial that features scented faux tulips – who knew they were a thing?

What do you put in a spring wreath? 

There are two options:

1. Fresh spring florals. If you are using fresh flowers: daffodils, crocus, snowdrops, blossom and eucalyptus are all stunning and very traditional spring blooms. That's not to say that you can't mix it up for more modern appeal. Add in roses, in shades of pink and yellow, for a more jazzy pop of color. Succulents can be wired in too for a more contemporary look...

2. Go faux. The second option is relevant if you're using faux flowers, and this means you can use anything you like. A spring color palette will be greens and yellow, maybe with a touch of lilac and blush, but with faux you aren't as limited so the world is your oyster. 

How do you make a spring mesh wreath? 

A spring mesh wreath is a design using mesh material that's durable and waterproof so the finished result can be used both inside and out. To make one you need a wreath ring and a roll of geo mesh for crafting. One roll will be enough for the whole wreath. 

1. First off, create a loop from the mesh roll.

2. Next, using a chenille stem, twist and attach the first loop on to the wreath ring.

3. Continue to put your chenille stem on the inside of the ring and loop more mesh on and tie it with the stem. 

4. Simply carry on the process around the ring alternative inside and outside until you have looped all of the mesh fabric with your chenille stems. 

5. Once you have covered the entire wreath ring you can tweak your loops, to ensure they are even. It can be embellished after using faux flower heads, butterflies and extra ribbon.

How do you make a spring hoop wreath?

As above, this works better and is more durable with faux stems, a combination of foliage and flowers work bests. You can use a metal hoop or a wooden embroidery ring and invest in a roll of floristry wire to attach the stems. 

1. Start by placing foliage at the bottom and use your wire to keep it in place. 

2. Keep adding until you're happy with the amounts. 

3. Then, add in the flower stems, the general rule of thumb is to use groups of three. Faux roses look great when attached together and you can use a smaller variety like ranunculus or daffodils next to them. 

4. Once you've attached all of your stems, take a piece of ribbon and add it to the top to use for hanging. 

Sophie Warren-Smith

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