Found: Rental furniture that's actually chic

Inspired by fashion, rental furniture brands offer a new way reimagine your home.

Rental Furniture
(Image credit: Fernish)

The concept of rental furniture is certainly not new. In fact, furniture rental stores have been around for decades. But there's a reason why renting furniture gets a bad rap — payments are often high, and pickings are often slim.

Enter a new breed of luxury furniture rentals. Piggy-backing off of fashion's success with rental subscriptions like Rent The Runway, Armoire, and Nuuly, interior design is delivering with some incredibly chic concepts. 

Whether you need to set up a temporary space, want to try a new look before investing, or need to save money on designer-quality pieces, renting is a great way to go. The best part? No assembly required. Meet our five favorite rental furniture brands on the market now. 

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ZZ Driggs

Rental Furniture

(Image credit: ZZ Driggs)

Established in 2014 in Brooklyn, ZZ Driggs offers ethically made furniture available to rent or purchase. Browse designer-curated contemporary pieces in an ever-growing collection reflective of the latest design trends. Bonus: If you live in the New York City metro area, you can also browse the company’s assortment of vintage furniture. 

These collectible items consist of furniture constructed in the early 20th, 19th, or 18th centuries. But don’t think flea market junk: pieces are considered important or innovative works in the history of design. 

From there, choose from low-commitment options with month-to-month terms of three, six, nine, or 12 months. There’s also an option to buy pieces outright. Everything is delivered with white-glove service. Workers will remove packaging an arrange furniture to your liking. 


Rental Furniture

(Image credit: Fernish)

The self-proclaimed Rent The Runway of furniture, Fernish is a direct-to-consumer service aims to help people create a space they genuinely love. Founded in 2017, the company offers a selection of premium furniture brands that are curated in-house by a team of designers. 

The concept is both flexible and affordable. You can choose to rent single pieces or fully curated rooms. For example, a four-piece living room set from “The Mulholland” rents for just $61 per month. From there, you can add on a decor package or á la cart options. Keep for as long as you’d like. Fernish offers a monthly price with rent-to-own options.

Right now, the company is available in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Seattle, but it has plans to enter additional markets in 2020.


Rental Furniture

(Image credit: Feather)

Designed for city living, Feather offers deliveries in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County. In less than one week, the company will deliver and assemble your furniture to help city-dwellers stay flexible for uncertain leases and temporary options. 

The process starts with a style quiz to find options that are tailored to your tastes. Overall, pieces feature a balance of grounding neutrals complemented by pops of color that won’t overwhelm small spaces. Shop rugs, lamps, wall art—you name it—from well-known brands like West Elm.  

Feather members enjoy free delivery, set-up, lifting, and assembly. The platform is subscription base, and once your lease is completed, consumers can opt to renew, swap for new pieces, return everything, or buy out what you’d like to keep. 


Rental Furniture

(Image credit: Cort)

Don’t live in a big city? Cort is a long-established, nationwide company that offers discounted rental packages to furnish your home. Shop individual pieces or Move-In-Ready packages. The latter includes professional styling to ensure your home fits your tastes and lifestyle.

Answer a few questions and the Cort professionals do the rest. Costs are based on lease length (the longer, the lower your costs) and items chosen. Plus, the company has special packages from students and service members. 

You can pop into a local showroom to browse pieces and curated vignettes, or order online and schedule delivery right to your door. 


Rental Furniture

(Image credit: Brook)

Instead of taking a quiz or selecting a whole-room vignette, Brook starts by having shoppers select a single piece of furniture. From there, the company recommends coordinating pieces. You can create your own package to customize an entire room. 

Cost is based on the number of items you choose and the length of time you’d like to rent. Brook focuses on the essentials, but there’s also artwork and decor accessories to make your space feel more like home. 

Ann Loynd Burton

After serving as an editor for luxury publications for nearly a decade, Ann Loynd Burton struck out on her own as a freelance writer covering design and lifestyle. Along with her work highlighting decor trends for Real Homes, Loynd Burton has covered interiors for such publications as Apartment TherapyAspireCottages & Gardens, and Galerie