6 fairy garden ideas that adults will love as much as the kids

These fairy garden ideas are giving us a cuteness overload – in a good way

fairy garden ideas
(Image credit: Myfairytaledoors)

Fairy garden ideas are...not just for kids. Yes – while fairy gardens are often made by or for children, some designs are actually quite nice and will suit anyone who likes garden ornaments. Twee they may be, but what's wrong with that? Rediscover your inner child and just go for it. Besides, some fairy garden ideas on our list can be quite easily incorporated into a regular garden design, provided your garden isn't minimalist. 

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1. Get an indoor fairy garden 

John Lewis fairy garden idea

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Problem solved. An indoor fairy garden, no tiny pieces of pink plastic to spoil your vibe. This is actually really cute too, your child (or whoever you have in mind for this fairy garden) can grown their own little garden from seed, and then decorate it with little fairy paraphernalia. There's a book too with lots of lovely activities and tips on growing your garden. You could also allow it to be played with outside if you were feeling generous. 

2. Add a fairy door to your garden 

Fairy door

(Image credit: Myfairytaledoors)

Oh come on, no one can say this isn's cute! Annnd very subtle too. So the idea is you place this door against a tree in your garden and leave little treats and create a cute home for the fairies. You can get cute teeny mushrooms too and adorable windows. Okay we are sold, fairy gardens are just so sweet. 

3. Create a fairy wild garden 

Fairy garden ideas

(Image credit: Not on the High Street)

This fairy garden idea would become more of a permanent part of your garden but we actually think it would look lovely and be a nice project to do together. We found these Fairy Garden wild flower seeds on Not on the High Street and they sparked an idea of letting a section of your garden just go a bit wild 'for the fairies'. We then saw these ADORABLE mini mushroom lights, you could dot about the wild flowers or create a path through them for the kids to explore along. 

4. Don't forget the fairies!

John Lewis fairies

(Image credit: John Lewis)

There's only so long you can leave tiny footprints or move about the miniature furniture, before children are like 'yes, but now I want to seeeeee the fairies'. This Fairies & Friends set from John Lewis come with three adorably feisty looking fairies and their equally adorable animal companions and would be very at home in any fairy garden.

5. A fairy garden with solar spotlights

Smart Solar Fairy Spotlights

(Image credit: Amazon)

This trio of Smart Solar Fairy Spotlights has utterly enchanted us. Not only are the fairy delicate and pretty (and conceivable as part of a regular garden design), but they have built-in solar lights that can be strategically positioned to light up a garden border or a plant pot. They're made from resin, so are ok in a rain shower. 

6. A tree fairy that can be placed out of reach of pets

Fairy House With Ladder

(Image credit: Amazon)

One of the potential problems with a fairy garden is that it can easily be destroyed by an inquisitive pet. Solution? Creating your fairy garden high up, preferably in a tree. This super-cute Fairy House With Ladder comes with a hook at the back – hang on a tree branch, fence, or porch. 

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