These 12 Urban Outfitters nightstands will elevate your bedroom in a real way — from $199

I *need* that khaki green Urban Outfitters nightstand

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Urban Outfitters Nightstands: Quick Menu

My Urban Outfitters nightstand is a sacred piece of furniture in my apartment. So, I had a look through the website and found the best they have to offer so you can join the crew. Needless to say, UO came through with some stunning silhouettes packing some serious storage and statement features that I’m genuinely obsessed with. 

As a big-time bookworm, once I get in from work, you’ll find me curled up in my lamp-lit bedroom, curled up in bed, sipping tea and reading whatever I can get my hands on (yes, I’ve read Pride and Prejudice four times… so what?) This means a nightstand is a non-negotiable decor decision for me and positions me as a self-proclaimed nightstand aficionado.

So, whether you’re into the dopamine décor trend, looking for a playful and contemporary piece or you’re a timeless queen — the Urban Outfitters furniture aisle has got you covered.

12 of the best Urban Outfitters nightstands

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Have a little scroll through this round-up and find your perfect nightstand, complementing your home and interior personality. Let’s fuse form and function and get furniture shopping! FYI you might find some of these in the Urban Outfitters home sale. Even more of a valid excuse to buy now and reap the rewards for a long time.

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

Metal nightstands

Ceramic nightstands

Modern nightstands

Wooden Nightstands

How we chose these Urban Outfitters nightstands

As a fully invested Urban Outfitters fan, I know the website like the back of my hand. Therefore, with prior familiarity, I took a deep dive into the nightstand range and took reviews and ratings into account. After this, I made sure to include a range of materials and sustainable choices wherever possible, picking pieces made from clay, sustainably sourced woods, and glass.

Looking for a match made in heaven? These Urban Outfitters lamps are the perfect partner for your bedstand. The desk and table fixtures will give your night table a gorgeous glow and add even more interest.

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