These 12 Urban Outfitters desks redefine the meaning of hot desking

These Urban Outfitters desks will make Mondays more exciting

A trio of Urban Outfitters desks in lifestyle settings
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Urban Outfitters Desks: Quick Menu

OK, Urban Outfitters desks... you really came through and redefined what I thought hot desking meant. This collection is absolutely fire and so subtly diverse. I can picture a different one of my friends at every desk and that's what makes this range so fab.

As a writer who spends ample time propped up at my desk, it's no surprise that the importance of one is not lost on me. I'm vehemently against the idea of working at the kitchen table if it can be avoided (compartmentalizing is key) and I never got into the working-from-bed fantasy (but no judgment if that's your scene, you do you, girl). 

Therefore, putting together this list of the best desks in the Urban Outfitters furniture range was a dreamy endeavor, and choosing my fave was a struggle. So, have a look through this roundup and find your winner. But don't wait too long to make your decision, these are selling out quickly! 

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

12 of the best Urban Outfitters desks 

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Wooden desks

Metal desks

Boho desks

How we chose these Urban Outfitters desks

As an Urban Outfitters aficionado, I know the UO collection like the back of my hand. Therefore, with prior familiarity, I took a deep dive into the desk range and took reviews and ratings into account. After this, I made sure to include a range of materials and sustainable choices wherever possible, picking pieces made from eco-friendly woods such as Mango wood and bamboo.

Now that you've found a place to organize your papers and stationery, finish the look with a statement Urban Outfitters lamp.

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