The best kingsize beds for a royally good sleep

Sleep soundly in a spacious yet stylish bed that’s fit for a king (and queen)

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Choosing the bed you sleep in shouldn’t be a snap decision. This is the place you are going to rest your head for years to come, so it’s got to be comfy, right? But getting a good night’s sleep isn’t all about the mattress. The type of bed frame you choose will have a significant impact on your quality of sleep, as well as play an important role in the overall design of your bedroom

Why choose a king-size bed?

King-sized beds are probably the most popular as they naturally give you the most room, especially when sharing with a partner, which will result in a comfier night’s sleep. If your bedroom will allow it, then we’ve rounded up some of the best king-sized beds to suit all styles and budgets.

The most common styles of king-sized bed available are divan beds and classic bedsteads. A divan bed is suited to those looking for a bed with storage; it will often have a deep base which features drawers or other types of storage, and the mattress is placed directly on top. These can be a great choice for small bedrooms or those with limited bedroom storage space. 

A bedstead is usually a wooden or metal frame which will tend to have much more appealing design features, so if you’re all about the aesthetics in your bedroom then there are plenty of different bedstead designs to choose from that will complement your décor. 

When choosing a bed, don’t always assume the most expensive is the best for you, but also don’t skimp on quality just to save a few quid. The bedroom is a place we spend lots of our time, so you want to make sure you’re comfortable – check out our list of the best king-sized beds to give you some inspiration. 

Pale pink bed frame with oversized button-detail headboard and upholstered footboard

1. Loaf Brioche Bed Frame

A comfy bedstead with a plush headboard for ultimate luxury

Best for: Comfort
Dimensions: H123cm x W121cm x D226cm
Headboard: Yes
Colour: Assorted
Reasons to buy
+ Vintage feel + Choice of colours 
Reasons to avoid
- Quite low  

This cotton and hardwood bedstead from John Lewis looks and feels plush and we feel it could certainly bring warmth to any style of bedroom. The bedstead has a vintage feel to it, with upholstered buttons on the integrated headboard which add a touch of luxury to this bed frame. It stands on four wooden feet, which make the bed slightly lower down than that of a divan bed, but it still allows room underneath if you wanted to use the space for storage. With a choice of pastel and dark colours, there is something to suit all décors.  

Antique-finished grey bed frame with integrated detailed headboard

2. Willis and Gambier Camille Bed Frame

An elegant design for neutral bedrooms

Best for: Elegance
Dimensions: H120cm x W162cm x D230cm
Headboard: Yes
Colour: Silver
Reasons to buy
+ Carved headboard  + Antique finish 
Reasons to avoid
- No storage space  

This solid oak antique-style king-sized bed frame wouldn’t look out of place in a shabby-chic home or any bedroom with neutral décor. The integrated headboard is finished with detailing that really gives this bed frame an elegant look. Unlike a divan bed, this king-sized bed doesn’t have any integrated storage space, but if you’re someone who likes a minimalist look then this simple style frame is the one for you. 

Solid oak bed frame from John Lewis Calia collection, with two statement feet

3. John Lewis Calia Bed Frame

A simple, rustic-style bed frame

Best for: Rustic feel
Dimensions: H92cm-98cm x W158cm x D214cm
Headboard: Yes
Colour: Oak
Reasons to buy
+ Height adjustable  + Sturdy 
Reasons to avoid
- Tricky to put together 

If you want something that is a little bit modern and alternative, then this solid oak king-sized bed frame with iron base handles has a rather industrial style that could suit your style. This bed is height adjustable to accommodate a range of mattress depths and this could also allow for more bedroom storage space underneath the bed if needed. Customers have said that for such a simple bed it is a little tricky to put together, but once up, it is very sturdy and looks great.  

West Elm Andes plush grey upholstered headboard and frame with individual feet

4. West Elm Andes Deco Upholstered Bed Frame

A plush upholstered bed frame ideal for minimalists

Best for: Modern style
Dimensions: H117cm x W165cm x D224cm
Headboard: Metal & polyester
Colour: Grey
Reasons to buy
+ Velvet upholstery + Bronze finished legs 
Reasons to avoid
-A bit low to the ground

This upholstered bed frame is minimal but could add a touch of luxury to your bedroom with its soft velvet headboard and bronze finished legs. Again, this bed is quite low down but is said to feel solid and sturdy once your mattress is placed on top. If you prefer a minimalist décor then this plush king-sized bed would make for a nice focal point in your bedroom and the grey colour is said to complement a variety of paint colours and carpet styles. 

Evert storage bed frame with button detail dark grey upholstered headboard, open to show storage space

5. Evert Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

A stylish bed with optimum storage

Best for: Storage space
Dimensions: H130cm x W138cm x D209cm
Headboard: Yes
Colour: Slate grey/oatmeal
Reasons to buy
+ Ottoman storage + Quilted headboard 
Reasons to avoid
- Fabric handle not very strong 

You can really make the most of your space with this ottoman bed frame which has a lift up base for storage. The bed features a fabric headboard and base, with a handle that lifts the bed frame up to reveal a surprisingly spacious area for storage. Customers found this bed simple enough to put together, but have noted that the fabric handle to lift the bed can get worn easily with the weight of the mattress. This king-sized bed comes in two neutral colours of slate grey or oatmeal which complement a wide range of decors. See all the storage beds in our buyer's guide.

Chrome-finish Isabella bed frame with crystal-topped posts and decorative headboard and footboard

6. Isabella Bed Frame

A glamourous chrome frame with a touch of sparkle

Best for: A touch of sparkle
Dimensions: H137cm x W154cm x D218cm
Headboard: Yes
Colour: Chrome
Reasons to buy
+ Crystal detailing + Simplistic frame 
Reasons to avoid
- Very feminine  

Adding a touch of glamour and sparkle to your bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and with this simplistic bed frame, the chrome bars and crystal detailing is just the right amount of bling for your bedroom. It may look a little flimsy, but with the beech wood base slats, you can expect to feel secure and sturdy once you’ve got your mattress on top.  

Wooden storage bed with solid to-the-floor design and slatted headboard

7. House Ollie Storage Bed

A good-looking bed with practical storage solutions

Best for: Practical
Dimensions: H84.5cm x W158.4cm x D207cm
Headboard: Yes
Colour: Oak
Reasons to buy
+ Easy to assemble + Lots of storage 
Reasons to avoid
- A little creaky 

If storage is the main feature you’re looking for when buying a bed, then this storage bed with drawers is a great purchase. Customers love that these drawers can hold up to 15kg each, and that they neatly store away for a neat and tidy look. This frame is a classic oak colour which those with traditional homes favour, and feel that it adds warmth to the room that a metal frame doesn’t. Those who have tried and tested this bed said it was very simple to assemble, but have noted that it can get a little squeaky over time, so just make sure all the nuts and bolts are tightened well.  

Bright yellow Jonah bed frame with headboard and footboard

8. Jonah Bed

A bright and bold frame for making a statement

Best for: Statement piece
Dimensions: H83cm x W163cm x D212cm
Headboard: Yes
Colour: Yellow
Reasons to buy
+ Curved slats for support + Soft, high headboard 
Reasons to avoid
- Very bright  

You can really make a statement in your bedroom with this bright and bold yellow bed frame. Lending itself very much to the Scandi-style bedroom décor, this is a simple bed frame that features curved slats to provide extra comfort and support while sleeping. The yellow colour isn’t for everyone, but if your room is very minimal then this would certainly make a wow feature in your home.  

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