The best Boxing Day sales washing machine deals 2018

Shopping for a new washing machine just in time for the rainy season and all its muddy mess? A Boxing Day washing machine deal is all you need. Read on to snag a bargain

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In need of a shiny new washing machine to see you into 2019? This big ticket purchase can mean your clothes will be cleaner – but your wallet will look washed out if you've over-spent. So, why not grab a Boxing Day sales washing machine deal?

Want to know how to find the best Boxing Day sales deals? Buying it here during the Boxing Day sales is your best option because we'll be updating this page regularly so you can grab the very best bargain. 

If you really can't wait until the Boxing Day sales for a washing machine, then luckily for you, we've dug out the best washing machine deals for this month. Or, find all the latest bargains on our deals page.

Check out our Boxing Day and January sales deals hub page for all of the very best deals.

How to get a great washing machine deal

So, you're in need of a new washing machine but not sure which one, right? Buying one online can be nerve-wracking, but after a little read through our in-depth washing machine buying guides, it's 100 per cent possible. Want the best deals and bags of guidance? Check them out below.

Buying guides:


Boxing Day sales usually begin early (very early) on the 26th December, and is a day known for the biggest sales of the season. Ideal for spending all of that Christmas money...


With brands ever more attuned to the buzz of sales, you can expect big savings from some of the biggest brands around.

So, you should be able to get a Boxing Day washing machine deal via Amazonand  John Lewis among many others.

Are Boxing day washing machine savings real?

Yes, of course! But... since many products' prices change frequently, checking the price history of what you're planning to buy on or PriceSpy will tell you whether the savings are real or not. These sites show you whether a price is likely to re-occur.

How we'll help you find the best Boxing Day sale washing machine deals

Finding the deals is the trickiest part of most sales, including Boxing Day's. With so many retailers offering huge savings, it can be difficult to know where to start looking.

We’ll be providing a guide to the best Boxing Day sales washing machine deals (and, since you ask, on everything for your home, including smart home tech devices, mattresses, furniture and more). That way, we’ll do the browsing and you can snap up the bargains.

What to consider when buying a washing machine

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the best kitchen appliances.

Integrated or freestanding?

The first is an easy choice: will your washing machine be freestanding or integrated? For those who don't like to have large appliances on show, you might want to consider an integrated washing machine as part of your kitchen design or utility room planning. And if your washing machine is to be in an open-plan kitchen, ensure it has a Quiet Mark (in other words, it runs quietly).

However, a freestanding washing machine can be a cheaper option than an integrated design. The average size of these washing machines is usually around H85cm x W60cm x D55cm.

For small kitchens, slim depth washing machines are a good choice, although bear in mind they will have smaller wash load capacities.

Wash capacity?

Other things to note are its spin speeds and the capacity it can hold in kilograms. A washing machine with a capacity of 6kg to 7kg is great for one or two people; 8kg will suit an average family; 9kg is for a large family.

For those who do several washes a day, or want to wash duvets, delicates or anything else you can't put in a normal wash, check for features such as eco cycles, special cycles or anti-allergy options. A time-saving option is also a handy option to have.

Spin speeds

Choose a machine with a high spin speed if you'll be using a tumble dryer, too. It's more economical to extract water from spinning than from tumble drying. Top of the range washing machines tend have a long spin cycle for cottons for efficient water extraction, and an interval spin for synthetics that reduces creasing.

Clever features

Be sure to check the water consumption as well as half loads, timer delay, sensor washing and auto detergent dispensing, which detects how dirty the clothes are and adjusts the programme and detergent accordingly for the most efficient wash. 

Aim for a washing machine with an A to A+++ energy rating, bearing in mind that the more expensive the washing machine, the higher its grading, as it will include a number of energy-saving features, as mentioned above.

For tumble dryers, you're either looking at a dryer-only or a washer dryer combination.

Want to set your machine to 'start' while you're out? Look for a smart machine you can control with an app on your phone.