15 last minute Christmas gifts we're buying – it's your last chance for delivery

We can help with your last minute Christmas gift shopping. Here are 15 lovely buys that can be delivered straight to your door in time for the big day

Last minute Christmas gifts: Christmas present wrapped in brown paper with bow, pinecones and Christmas tree
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Looking for a few last minute Christmas gifts? Leaving shopping until the very last chance is a habit a lot of us say that we will rid every year, but it never happens – does it? We're guilty it too, don't worry. Which is why we've been doing some last-minute Christmas shopping ourselves – if you are related to me, please click off this page! – keep scrolling to find out what we've been buying. Because some retailers are still taking orders for delivery until the 23rd of December. Others have same-day delivery on Christmas Eve – you've no excuses!

Head to our dedicated shopping page for more gift inspo, or if you just fancy treating yourself.

1. An electric wine opener from Selfridges

CUISINART Rechargeable wine opener

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Cuisinart Rechargeable Wine Opener | £45 at Selfridges (opens in new tab)
A great present for a wine drinker *cough my Dad* this Cuisinart wine opener does the job with the touch of a button. It also comes with a foil cutter and a vacuum sealer with a date indicator! One charge means it can open up to 80 bottles of wine. Buy before the 20th December to guarantee Christmas delivery.

2. Some festive Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers

The Festive Pick & Gift Box

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The Festive Pick & Gift Box  | £36 at Bloom & Wild (opens in new tab)
This festive bunch can be delivered to them on Christmas Eve, while it arrives in a gift box and with your choice of card. Berries, eucalyptus and amaryllis will be sure to brighten their home over Christmas, and this bouquet comes pre-arranged. 

3. An eco-friendly reed diffuser that looks Christmassy

Skandinavisk Skog reed diffuser

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Skandinavisk Skog reed diffuser | £45 at Selfridges (opens in new tab)
This lovely smelling (and looking) diffuser has notes of crab apple and dog rose, water mosses and green leaves. Made from partially recycled materials, the glass is dishwasher-safe and produced with metals-free water dyes. Not just that but it has a sustainably-sourced wooden stopper and the packaging is sustainable, too. Get your order in by the 20th December!

4. These cute salt and pepper mills from Amazon

Le Creuset Classic Salt & Pepper Mill Set

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Le Creuset Classic Salt & Pepper Mill Set | £45 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
These colourful salt and pepper shakers have a nice weight to them, and they'll instantly add a smart touch to any kitchen table. These are a perfect Christmas gift, in our opinion, because, let's face it: they're quite pricy for shakers, so your gift recipient is unlikely to buy them for themselves, but we bet they'll be delighted to receive them for Christmas. 

5. A Disney+ gift card for the whole family to enjoy

Disney Plus Gift Subscription

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Disney Plus Gift Subscription | £59.99 (opens in new tab)
A great family gift, this subscription costs under £60 and you can buy and gift it instantly.

6. A projector for the whole family to enjoy – from Amazon

The best outdoor projectors

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Elephas GC333 Portable Projector | £99.99 £59.49 (save £30.50) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This is definitely something everyone in the family will love – whether you plan to use it inside or out. Make your viewing experience even bigger and better with a portable projector which can be easily connected to a streaming device, for watching movies and sports. Currently, it's super cheap!

7. An electric shaver for him

Philips OneBlade Hybrid

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Philips OneBlade Hybrid | £59.99 £39.99 (save £20) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
A great gift for him, the Philips OneBlade can be used on your body and face, while it's adjustable to four length settings and it comes with an extra blade as well as a pouch for storage. Easy to use, safe and a bargain.

8. An Instax camera for her

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Instax 70100148211 mini 11 ice white camera bundle [Amazon Exclusive] | £113.99 £79.99 (save £34) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This incredible bundle is exclusively sold at Amazon. A lovely gift, included comes an Instax Mini 11 camera as well as a case, 10 films, a photo album, stickers and batteries. A bargain!

9. A budget-friendly beer making kit for someone who is missing the pub

Beer making kit

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Brewdog Elvis Juice Beer Making Kit | £39.99 at FIREBOX (opens in new tab)
Because they're worth it, but some of us are on a budget! There's no shame in that. So, if you want a cheap(er) Christmas gift that still shows you care, beer is the answer. Challenge them to make their own brew with this kit. It makes a gallon, which is basically two six-packs' worth of zesty, grapefruity American IPA. Just don't promise you will help with the taste testing. Order before the 21st December.

10. A one-off subscription box for your crafty friend

Craftiosity subscription box

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Craft Kit Subscription Box | £26.95 for one box (opens in new tab)
If you know a creative someone who loves trying new crafts, then Craftiosity is the perfect gift for them. Each box includes all the tools and supplies they need to discover a new craft. Previous boxes have included everything from book-binding and linocut print cards to needle-felted birds and clay candle holders. It's a great way to discover a new hobby! And, you don't need to give it to them on the day.

11. For your brother – a Barbour card holder

Barbour wallet

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Barbour Card Holder | £44.95 at John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab)
A classic card holder is a great gift idea. This Barbour wallet is a twist on just a plain leather version, plus we love the detail of the instantly recognisable Barbour print running through the middle. Next day delivery and click and collect will get it to your doorstop in time for Christmas...

12. A lovely (and tasty) stocking filler

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles

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Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles | £15 £12.75 (save £2.25) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
If they like chocolates, they'll love these. If they think they don't like chocolates, they'll still love these. Boozy and sophisticated, these Champagne truffles are a festive staple – and the pink box is so pretty. The perfect stocking filler. 

13. A food gift for them to enjoy on the day

Edinburgh Preserves Farmhouse Patés for Cheese Box

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Edinburgh Preserves Farmhouse Patés for Cheese Box | £18 at John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab)
A great gift for any paté lover, this food gift box is made in East Lothian, Scotland, and it includes two jars of chutney, two patés – duck and farmhouse – and some savoury biscuits. Choose next day deilivery at checkout, or click & collect, to get it in time for Christmas.


Zaire Agate Cheese Board

(Image credit: Zaire)
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Zaire Agate Cheese Board | £68 at Anthropologie (opens in new tab)
Check out this lush cheese board that's made from Agate stone. It comes in five colour options and truly is one of a kind. Perfect for popping on your bar cart to chop fruit and more – not just for cheese! Just be sure to buy before the 21st December...

15. A subscription to his favourite homes magazine

Real Homes December 2020 Christmas issue

(Image credit: Future)
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Homes magazine subscription (opens in new tab)
Hey, you can't blame us for saying that a subscription to their favourite homes' mag, whether Real Homes, Period Living or Homebuilding & Renovating (or all three) is a win-win.

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