9 mirrors with lights that will perfectly define your GRWM routine

Contouring here we come

Marylin Monroe scene from Blonde inhollywood glam mirror
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I don't know about you, but my bedroom doesn't get much natural light; which is great for getting a solid eight hours of beauty sleep, but not so much for my makeup routine. There's nothing worse than applying your contour (thinking it looks great) and then seeing how badly blended it is when you go outside. So for me, a light-up mirror is a total necessity.

I would, obviously, love one of those big Hollywood mirrors — to live out my best Marylin Monroe dream — but alas, I have a pretty petite magnifying vanity mirror that sits on top of my makeshift makeup station. It's small but mighty and I'm honestly not sure how I functioned without it. I can get ready super speedily in the mornings without turning on that big light and, I can go full glam for a night out with the girls, without any questionable foundation lines creeping up on me a few hours later.

Even so, I've been on the lookout for said mirrors with lights and a few extra additions to help get my winged eyeliner even more on point. Most of these high-brow mirrors have bright LEDs, shade settings, and adjustable zoom for flawless makeup application. Beauty enthusiasts (influencer, or not) meet your new GRWM companion.


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9 mirrors with lights to up your makeup game 

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