The best cheap mattress deals 2018: cheap twin, queen and king size mattresses

We'll find you a price to help you sleep at night

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If you're looking for a cheap mattress deal, you're in the right place. Whether you're after a cheap twin mattress, double mattress discount or a Queen or King Size mattress deal, our price comparison tools will always give you the cheapest prices!

Seeing as you probably already have a size in mind to replace an old mattress or to fit on an existing bed frame, we've split this article into different size guides to suit your needs. So that includes twin (aka the single in the UK), twin XL, full, double, queen, king, super king and California King. If you're not sure what these size names mean, we'll let you know the measurements too so you can compare to your current mattress or bed frame spring box. Names and sizes can vary between the UK and even between brand type, so be sure to double check the size on the retailer's website once you click through.

If you're getting your recommended eight hours of sleep a day, you're spending a third of your day in bed recharging for tomorrow, so buying a nice mattress is a very wise way to spend your money - but there's no need to spend more than you need to!

In addition to a selection of cheap mattresses, we've also included highlights of some of the best mattresses around and the cheapest prices for them. You can indeed put a price on a good night's sleep, but we'll make sure it's the best one around thanks to our intuitive price comparison tools and recommendations from our experts!

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The best cheap mattress deals:

cheap mattress deals twin

Cheap twin (single in the UK) mattress deals:

US: Twin mattress dimensions: 39-inch x 75-inch. Depth varies.
UK: Single mattress size: 90cm x 190cm approx. Depth varies.

Note: Twin mattresses are known as 'single' size in the UK. Despite the twin name, this is the smallest mattress size found outside of baby cots and cribs. Generally, twin beds are used in children's rooms or in smaller living spaces like studio apartments for adults. Note the 75-inch length (US) though if you're looking for something for a taller person or you find yourself wriggling down the bed during the night.

cheap mattress deals twin xl

Cheap twin XL mattress deals:

US: Twin XL mattress dimensions: 39-inch x 80-inch. Depth varies.

Note: This is an American size and is very rarely seen in the UK. The twin XL isn't actually that much bigger than a twin mattress. It's five inches longer but the same width. If you are limited on space though and the right mattress deal of this size comes along then it's a decent compromise for smaller apartments or college dorms. This is a popular choice for parents who have a teenager at home that won't stop growing too!

cheap mattress deals full-size

Cheap double or full-size mattress deals:

US: Full-sized mattress dimensions: 54-inch x 75-inch. Depth varies.
UK: Double mattress size: 135cm x 190cm approx. Depth varies.

The full-sized mattress, also known as a double in the UK, is a good option for your first bed big enough for two (or singletons that like to sprawl all over the place). At just 54-inches wide though it can be more than a little cozy, so if you or your partner are prone to moving around much during sleep it might be worth considering something larger. Smaller apartments or guest rooms might be a better match with this size though. Our advice, get the tape measure out and see and don't forget to allow room at the sides for a bedside table and actually getting out of bed.

cheap mattress deals queen size

Cheap queen size mattress deals:

US: Queen size mattress dimensions: 60-inch x 80-inch. Depth varies.

Note: This is an American size and is very rarely seen in the UK. Queen mattress deals are the most in-demand of all bed sizes in the US thanks to their happy medium of decent size and low cost compared to some of the larger sizes further down this page. Both wider and longer than the full-sized double mattresses, a queen mattress is the one most people go for if their room can accommodate a bed of this size. You're looking at a room of around 10x10 feet to comfortably fit one of these.

cheap mattress deals king size

Cheap king size mattress deals:

US: King-sized mattress dimensions: 76-inch x 80-inch. Depth varies.
UK: King-size mattress size: 152cm x 198cm approx. Depth varies.

Ok, we're getting into the seriously big sizes now. King-sized mattresses are for professional sprawlers or families with young children who like to hop in bed with their parents some nights or early mornings. As far as bedroom sizes go, you'll be needing a room measuring around 12x10 feet. For many mattress manufacturers this is the biggest size they do.

cheap mattress deals california king

Cheap California king / super king mattress deals:

US: California king mattress dimensions: 72-inch x 84-inch. Depth varies.
UK: Super king mattress size: 180cm x 200cm

The California king mattress is the biggest size in the USA. Oddly though, it's actually four inches less wide than the king but four inches longer. So this is the one to go for taller people tired of their feet poking out the end of the bed. Witch such a big surface area, this family-sized mattress will accommodate invading kids in the morning or leave room for a sleeping dog at the end of the bed during the night. The cat will naturally want something bigger and with fewer humans in it.