You'll want to use these 6 clothes storage containers to safely store your winter clothes — shoppers love them

Save space in your closet with these handy heroes

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Confession time: I have a LOT of clothes. Colossal amounts, to be precise. Most people would say too much, but it's a WIP. As such, I've been welcoming any advice helping me distill or neaten up my pride and joy. I've been browsing genius closet organizers to buy, and I've already got a few clothes storage bags and boxes, too. And to say this has helped my situation would be a drastic understatement. Now, I know exactly where to find my favorite sweater that I only wear on cozy days. 

Clothes storage containers are also handy for storing unseasonal clothing safely and making for more space for the stuff you will be wearing. So, say hello to the clothes storage containers rated by both us at Real Homes, and, most importantly, shoppers. Most of the containers below are super durable so they can be stored everywhere from your closet to a garage, and they all have lids to keep your stuff safe. 

Goodbye wardrobe meltdowns, hello affordable and chic clothing organization. Now, I don't even have to think about that clothes rack I was just about to purchase.

The best clothes storage containers to store seasonal clothes

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Clothes storage bins

Either your closet's at breaking point or you just need some handy ways to delineate what's in use and what's out for the season. Your solution? A clothes storage bin, sure to keep your garments neat and tidy, as well as easy to access. As simple as they are sturdy, these designs are just what the doctor ordered. Meet your newly ordered bedroom.

Plastic clothes storage boxes

Plastic isn't really the devil it's made out to be... So long as you get the most use out of it. Unlike a carrier bag that'll end up in the trash — these clothes storage containers will be with you for life.

What is the best way to organize your clothes?

Good question! To help you out, we caught up with Suzanne Roynon, Interiors Therapist and author of Welcome Home: How Stuff Makes or Breaks Your Relationship (sold at Amazon). "Start with the basic principle of only keeping the clothes you use, need, and love," says Suzanne. "Send them to a thrift store, or if you have plenty of time, sell online — just don’t keep them," she affirms. 

Then, you can get underway with organizing your collection. This should be personal and dependent on your lifestyle. "There is no ‘one size fits all’, so embrace your individuality not the floordrobe," she explains. "If you have a specific ‘work wardrobe’ and ‘leisurewear’ then keeping them separate in your closet will make getting ready for work easier." Here, you might consider using lidded clothes storage boxes. You might also apply her approach to your ordering of clothes storage containers, too, keeping your lesser-used or off-season items in vac bags, and more commonly worn items in storage boxes. As for occasional wear pieces, garment storage bags are key. 

How we chose these clothes storage containers

Only choosing products that actually help users and make life that bit simpler, we paid careful attention to reviews, putting forward a roster of containers guaranteed to please. We haven't tested these products just yet, but rest easy, reviewers never lie. Every item received flying colors, scoring at four stars minimum and kind words.

Where to buy clothes storage containers

Still searching for the perfect clothes storage organizers to tighten up your bedroom act? Put your trust in our hot pick of retailers, listed below.

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