Bedding in a bag for people who hate buying sheets separately (it's me, I'm people)

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If you're shopping around for new sheets (arguably the best adulting buy) then you already know how much sleep stuff there is to check off your list. Fitted sheets, flat sheets, bed skirts, duvet inserts, pillows, shams — and that's before thinking about fabrics, colors, and styles. What seemed like a fun experience of selecting a stylish new bedding set for your dorm or very first apartment has turned into a stressful hunt.

Don't let it keep you up at night, because there is an easy way to get all your sleep essentials in one package. Literally, it's called bedding-in-a-bag. And it's as simple and convenient as it sounds. No need to color-match your bed sheets to your shams, these one-hit wonders are designed so you can have a beautifully ready-made bed in an instant. 

They're often great value for money too since they're cheaper, and *much* easier than buying all of your bedding separately. After you've picked a new mattress, all you have to do is choose one bundle and you're done. Phew! 

First question: which are the best bedding brands to buy from? Don't sweat it, we can help answer all your questions.

6 bed-in-a-bag sets 

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How to choose the best bed in a bag for you 

These handy bags may come with everything you need but there are still a few considerations you'll need to make: 

  • Size: It may sound silly but make sure you select the right size! In addition to buying sheets that match bed size — twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, or California king — you will need to take the depth of your mattress into consideration. If you have a different mattress size to your comforter, you'll also need to make sure you look into a bedding-in-a-bag set that you're able to mix and match. 
  • Material: Most bedding-in-a-bag bundles are made of microfiber or polyester. This is because they're designed with value in mind. Other fabrics tend to be more expensive and are needed to be bought separately. If you do get a choice in bedding materials, do your research to see which is best for your tastes and needs. We have a handy guide on choosing the perfect pillow if you're interested. Want your bedding to get Mother Nature’s seal of approval? Keep an eye out for sheets with Fair Trade, Oeko-Tek, or GOTS certifications.
  • Cost: Bedding-in-a-bag bundles can range from being arguably cheap to more luxurious. Are you buying one for convenience or because you're on a budget? Either way, they all tend to be cheaper than buying all of your bedding separately. 

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What is bedding-in-a-bag?

Typically containing everything you need for a ready-made bed, bed-in-a-bag sets often include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, two shams, two pillowcases, two pillows, and a comforter (or duvet insert and cover). It's a conveniently packaged bedding set designed to take to college or when you move into a new home. They're also perfect for the people who hate the hassle that comes with buying all new sheets separately, aka me. 

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