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Living in a tiny room is never easy, which is why a bedside caddy is essential for small-space and dorm dwellers. Just ask the freshmen scrambling their way through college on a shoestring budget with little more than a suitcase's worth of storage space. That said, there's no reason you can't lighten the load, especially when it comes to your bedroom trinkets. 

Aside from that cluttered desk you promised yourself to sort out, there's ample space for your odds and ends, you just haven't looked hard enough. Enter the bedside caddy, an ingenious furnishing to store your weekly reading, iPhone, glasses, and other nighttime essentials. Heck, you can even keep the remote in it for some serious Netflix binging. 

The best part? These days, the caddies on offer come with plenty of room to keep your essentials, primed with pockets and hangers alike. Arriving in a whole spectrum of silhouettes and palettes, these great dorm organization buys are also a handy way to brighten up or decorate what is often a rather dull room — at least on first arrival.

9 bedside caddies to keep your essentials close

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Whether you opt for a macramé piece (perfect for a bohemian feel), a fabric choice complete with elastic slots, or a simple metal design, pared-back for the minimalist aesthete, you can trust these low-price, high-style designs to tick your boxes.

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Things to consider when buying a bedside caddy

When it comes to sourcing your bedside caddy, it pays to be wise. Rush into it, without taking a little advice from yours truly and you'll be missing a serious trick.

Size: First things things first: size isn't everything. While we would recommend keeping the design within earshot of 11 inches wide, there are no right or wrong dimensions. Instead, you need to consider the smart use of space, which brings us to our next point.

Pockets: While size isn't everything, what you do with it does. Look for designs with plenty of pockets if you're prone to clutter, or if you're only storing a few odds and ends, a harder, simpler one-compartment caddy should have you covered. As for the pockets themselves, consider also how spacious these need to be. If they're slits or stretch pockets, what they can and can't carry differs largely.

Color and texture: It sounds obvious, but a little forethought regarding the look of your caddy is important. Soft neutral tones in soft fabrics, like felt, can often add warmth to a room, while peppier pieces, like the pink canvas designs, can enliven your bedroom, adding character and pizzazz. 


Do you need a bedside caddy?

If you're messy and living in tight quarters, absolutely. As interior designer and head honcho at Dream Home Making Elizabeth Grace explains, "A bedside caddy serves as a sleek organizational solution, allowing you to keep essential items close at hand — whether it's your current read, a pair of glasses, or your trusty notebook, a caddy ensures everything has its designated place." As well as this, Grace highlights the clutter reduction and space optimization potential, a factor anyone looking to make it through dorm life alive should heed. "For those with limited bedside space, a caddy is a game-changer," she says. "Its vertical design takes up minimal space, making it ideal for compact bedrooms."

What looks good in a bedside caddy?

Well, a lot, to put it briefly. According to interior designer and founder of Dream Home Making Elizabeth Grace, it's everything from books, glasses, accessories, and watches to tech essentials and even a personal journal and pen. "For those who find inspiration or like to jot down thoughts before sleep, a journal and a quality pen are a perfect addition," she says. "It's both functional and aesthetically pleasing." In her eyes, a bedside caddy isn't just a storage solution but a welcome excuse to showcase one's design acumen. "By carefully selecting and arranging items that blend form and function, you can create a harmonious and inviting bedside space," she adds.

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Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace is an interior designer who was born and raised in Philadelphia. She has always been passionate about design, and after receiving her degree in Interior design from the University of Notre Dame, she moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming an interior designer. As an interior designer, Elizabeth comes across some pretty amazing hacks and tips that have helped her become the best version of herself—and now she wants to pass them along to you. Her passion drives her to create a platform to share her experience and facilitate the audience.

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