These bathroom cabinets are perfect for renters

Is your bathroom giving you the ick?

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Bathrooms have a tendency for being messy, we get it. Whether it's sticky toothpaste tubes strewn across the sink (gross!) or that stack of body scrubs accumulating on the edge of your bathtub. Mess piles up thick and fast if not dealt with, and we‘re trying to avoid #ratgirl energy. 

If you’re struggling with clutter, make some small but important changes to your bathroom decor. Bathroom organizers, for example, are a great way to declutter the bathroom countertops and makeup piles we're so used to seeing while enacting some small bathroom storage hacks, can really lighten the load. 

That said, some investments go even further. I'm, of course, thinking of the bathroom cabinet, a scaled-up solution that finally provides you somewhere to keep your bathroom's lotions and potions. Worried about what your landlord will think? Relax! We're talking freestanding, small-space friendly options, that even the meanest owner won't grumble over. From designs you can slide under the sink to mirrored options and corner cabinets, the range out there is huge, if not a little daunting. Fortunately, I've whittled it down to some of the hottest designs, saving you time (and no doubt cash). 

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Now, after poring through reviews and reams upon reams of products, I present a tight roster of bathroom cabinets, guaranteed to reduce the strain on your already crowded water closet. Believe me, shoppers can be cruel, but when it came to these, they were truly impressed. Once you're done, don't miss our guide on bathroom cabinet ideas for all of the hacks to try with yours.

The best bathroom cabinets to buy

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Bathroom cabinets for sinks

Slotting neatly under your sink, these handy designs avoid any wall-based reconstructions, saving you money and a very awkward conversation with your landlord. After all, times are hard, and forking out for a professional repair is the last thing you need.

For inspo on how to organize your bathroom cabinets, don't miss our guide.

Bathroom cabinets with mirrors

Call me vain, but I NEED a mirror in my bathroom, especially when I'm carrying out my 12-part skincare regime. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but a bathroom cabinet with a mirror is undeniably handy, which is why I've pinpointed these statement designs.

Corner bathroom cabinets

When you live in small quarters, as is often the case with renters, you soon get savvy with your decor, finding space where you never knew you could. So, why not flex your skills a little more with the ingeniously shaped corner cabinets, below? Farewell, dusty corners. Hello, chic bathroom furniture.


What type of bathroom cabinets are best?

It's a tricky one. In many ways, it comes down to personal preference and your given bathroom. First and foremost, if yours is anything like mine — small, that is — then opting for something slender and tall like the mirrored designs above is always handy. As the old architectural theory goes, if space on the ground is short, build up! Of course, you might be tempted to opt for the corner-style cabinets as these utilize dead space between walls — another space-saving cheat code to add to your toolkit. Equally, if you already have a sink, then the decision has been made for you: it needs to wrap around or slot under your pedestal basin.

Beyond this, you'll also want to consider finish. Bathrooms are moist places, so opting for a water-resistant surface is always wise. Plus, quality materials and sturdy shelving are a must — no one wants to reassemble a buckled cabinet. Check the capacity, and be sure it matches your load. Speaking for myself, I have a major moisturizer collection and believe me, it adds up in mass.

Should bathroom cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

Judging between dark and light is, ironically, not black and white. Often, it's a simple case of taste. Some tips? Opting for lighter hues can make the space appear brighter and airier, while darker ones act like a visual quirk in an otherwise gleaming, white space. Indeed, I've seen blacked-out radiators and even black toilets in the bathroom, and that contrast and surprise always elevate an otherwise bog-standard (sorry!) toilet room. Of course, in the end, it's about balance. If your bathroom is already quite dark, it's probably best to steer clear of blacked-out cabinets, meeting in the middle with a soft gray hue.

BTW, this is everything you shouldn't store in your bathroom cabinet.

Where to buy a bathroom cabinet

If you're still not settled on your favorite bathroom cabinet, there's no need to panic. We've shared the top retailers below, so you're sure to find something.

How we chose these bathroom cabinets

We spent hours searching the web for only the best bathroom cabinets, sourcing our picks based on practicality, style, and, of course, whether or not they *actually* improve your life. Indeed, you won't find anything with less than a four-star rating in this list. Oh, and while we haven't necessarily tested each and every product, you can sleep easy knowing that we only opted for cabinets with shining reviews.

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