Shoppers swear by these super cute Amazon desk accessories to keep their WFH setup organized

Aesthetic + organized = a winning combo

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As a permanent WFH-er, the idea of going back into an office scares me slightly. Making small talk with Karen from accounts? No thanks. People stealing my special mug? You better be joking. Not being able to cuddle my dog to celebrate doing five minutes of work? Yeah, I’m going to stay put. But, as someone who has worked from home for a couple of years now, I know that you can’t just rock up to your couch with a laptop and an iced coffee and hope for the best. Personally, I need a proper working station to get anything done.

So while you've probably already invested in a desk organizer or four, the next step is to accessorize this space. And where better (and more convenient) to start shopping than Amazon? Especially when we've done the dirty work for you and rounded up all of the Amazon desk accessories that thousands of shoppers love. While some of these best-selling desk accessories will help you keep things organized and within arm's reach, others will ensure this motivational spot looks super cute at the same time. After all, it’s all about the aesthetic, besties.

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The best Amazon desk accessories, as rated by shoppers

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Before I start blowing your mind with these amazing Amazon desk accessories, I asked furniture extraordinaire and brand specialist for ZinusVictoria Cedeno how exactly you should be organizing your desk. “Keeping your desk organized will not only help to keep it looking aesthetic but also ensures it remains functional,” she says. “Think of your desk as a blank canvas, which can be accessorized depending on your needs." And to help prioritize, she says you want to “ensure you leave enough space for a laptop or monitor before introducing pen pots, a lamp, and a desk organizer for notebooks, papers, and other essential items." So, be practical… but then you can go wild!

Here are the nine best Amazon desk accessories you can buy right now, as rated by real reviewers.

What accessories to add to a desk?

In short, the answer to this question depends on how you’re using your desk. If you work on a laptop all day, you’re less likely to need pen pots or other stationery organizers. This means that you can opt for less practical accessories, and more aesthetic options, such as stylish lamps or bookcases. However, if you have a creative job that requires you to draw, paint, or measure, you’ll probably need to focus on adding accessories that make your desk more organized and structured. This way, you can give everything you need a home, without encroaching on your workspace.

How do I keep my desk aesthetic?

While it’s important to keep your desk organized with the right accessories, that doesn’t mean that you have to scrimp on the aesthetic. You can choose accessories that suit the color scheme for the room, you could choose a theme (e.g retro, modern, or Scandi), or shell out a little more on an aesthetically pleasing desk that offers more than just a wooden desktop and four legs. Then, if you have space, add plants and flowers to your desk to add another pop of color and inject a sense of calm into your WFH area. Of course, if you’re likely to forget to water real plants, opt for fake plants instead! 

How we chose these desk accessories

At Real Homes, we only feature products that are either recommended by ourselves, or by others online. Shoppers have rated these best-selling Amazon desk accessories so highly that we just couldn’t ignore the five-star reviews. Plus, a lot of these products will be featured elsewhere on our site in other accessory guides. 

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