26 best Christmas gifts for teens

There’s no need to settle for writing another cheque and sticking it in a card this year because we have got you covered...

Not on the High Street Good Vibes Kit
(Image credit: Not on the High Street)

Let’s face it, teenagers are a notoriously fickle group when it comes to gifting. But fear not, we have channelled our teen spirit to put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for teens. Whether they are into music, tech, fashion, beauty, books or homewares, we’ve got it sorted.

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1. Help them save the planet

For the teen who is never without their flat white, a reusable cup is a must. Chilly’s tumblers come in every design under the sun, including the apparent synonym of millennial excess, the avocado.

Chilly's tumbler, £25, Amazon

Chilly's tumbler

(Image credit: Amazon)

2. Embrace the analog trend

Despite the fact they were probably in nappies when Polaroid announced it was no longer to produce instant film, teens just can’t get enough of print photos (instant gratification and all that). The Fujifilm Instax Mini instantly prints photos, plus it includes an all important selfie mirror and comes in an array of cute colours. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, £74.99, John Lewis.

Instax Mini

(Image credit: John Lewis)

3. Go for a failsafe classic

A good beanie is never going to go out of style (and it beats socks or slippers). 

Barts Bonanzo beanie, £27, Asos

Barts beanie from Asos

(Image credit: Asos)

4. Give the gift of good vibes

Being a teenager can be tough, so they need all the good vibes they can get. This Good Vibes Kit is a (very Instagrammable) box of prints, quotes and illustrations that can be stuck up all over bedrooms or uni rooms to create a (again, very Instagrammable) photo wall

'Good Vibes Kit' Inspirational Prints, £18, Not on the High Street.

Not on the High Street Good Vibes Kit

(Image credit: Not on the High Street)

5. And don’t forget washi tape to stick them up with 

Yes we know it’s just glorified Sellotape but humour them, it's so on trend and it won't gloop up your walls.

Unicorn Star washi tapes, £8, Paperchase

Paperchase washi tape

(Image credit: Paperchase)

6. The sleekest of shaving kits 

Possibly the most aesthetically pleasing razors we have ever come across, Harry’s know how to do branding. Despite their super sleek packaging, the razors are actually really affordable, making them a great option for teens (sooo, much better than your standard Lynx Africa gift set). 

The Truman Set comes with three spare blade cartridges, a foaming shave gel and a travel cover and is only £14!! 

The Truman Set, £14, Harry’s

Harry's Truman set

(Image credit: Harry's)

7. The most low maintenance diary 

This journal is a low maintenance version of a diary, just one line, everyday, for five years – perfect for the attention span of a teen who'd rather be on Snapchat. 

One Line a Day Five Year Memory Book, £11.99, Asos

One line a day diary gifts for teens

(Image credit: Asos)

8. The most expressive, affordable, customisable artwork

This will be all over their social media by Boxing Day, hopefully without expletives. 

Large letterboard, £79.99, Oli Olsen

Oli Olsen letterboard

(Image credit: Oli Olsen)

9. A practical (but also incredibly stylish) rucksack

If you haven’t seen that red fox bobbing about in front of you at some point you must have been living under a rock. The Fjallraven Kanken has become an essential part of a teen's wardrobe, but as well as being super stylish they are also incredibly practical. 

Fjällräven Kanken Classic Backpack, £80, John Lewis.

Kanken John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

10. A quirky mug to brighten up their morning 

Regardless of age, who wouldn't want to drink out of this? 

Awesome People Club Mug, £12, Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas mug

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

11. For more beautiful laundry

We aren’t promising that these super cute laundry bags will encourage them to clean up their floordrobe, but you know, it could be start…

Hana Floral Travel Bag, £19.50, Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas laundry bags

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

12. Headphones for uninterrupted listening 

Whether they are crashing around their room to Slipknot or chilling out to Adele, with pristine sound quality, liberating wireless freedom, built-in microphone and the retro design, these Panasonic headphones are perfect for teens with any music taste.

Panasonic HTX80BE Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, £99.99, John Lewis

Panasonic headphones from John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

13. An organic skincare routine for teenage skin 

Choosing skincare as a gift can be tricky, especially with teenage skin which can be prone to all manner of issues. But we all know that great skin starts with a great routine, and this three-step routine from Green People has been packed with soothing organic botanicals that work wonders for even sensitive teenage skin. 

Organic Young My Skin Goals, £30, Green People

Green People OY Skin Goals

(Image credit: Green People)

14. A YA book subscription 

The Willoughby Book Club will send out a new YA book each month, tailored to your teen’s preferences. 

Young Adult Book Subscription, £34.99, Not on the High Street

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The Willoughby Book Club for teens

(Image credit: Not on the High Street )

15. A speaker to take anywhere

Portable, super durable and completely waterproof, Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is the best way for them to blast music by bands you’ve never heard of. 

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, £64.99, John Lewis

Utilmate Ears Wonderboom

(Image credit: John Lewis)

16. A very on trend macrame kit 

This DIY macrame kit is a creative teen's dream come true. 

Macrame wall hanging, £28, Lottie Lou

Lottie Lou DIY Macrame Kit

(Image credit: Lottie Lou)

17. A portable charger (basically a teen live saver)

The smartphone is a teen’s lifeline. That’s common knowledge. So you can't go wrong with buying them a gift that ensures their phone never dies on them.

Typo Pastel Galaxy Charger, £12, Asos

Asos marble effect phone charger

(Image credit: Asos)

19. An exotic phone case

And to go along with the life saving portable charger, a very on-trend botanical print phone case from Ban.do. In fact, come to think of it, order anything from Ban.do and we think you are pretty safe. 

Ban.do tropical phone case

(Image credit: Ban.do)

20. Some (budget friendly) interior inspiration 

Okay, so maybe your 13 year old might not be interested in how to make uni halls more homely, or how to turn your rented flat into a dream space, but for older teens who are leaving home for the first time, tips on how to style your first home (who are we kidding we mean room) can be super valuable. Grab them a subscription to Real Homes which is filled with a ton of advice for renters who are on a budget, plus lots of inspiration from well... real homes. 

Front cover of the January issue of Real Homes magazine

21. A cushion to stand out among the mess

Sticking with a similar vibe, why not also treat them to something that will brighten their hovel of a bedroom? We love this quirky cushion from Urban Outfitters  and who knows maybe one nice cushion will inspire them to sort out the rest of their room? 

Urban Outfitters 'I have seen the future' cushion

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

22. A set of magical makeup brushes 

If your teen is a die hard Potter fan, then look no further than these makeup brushes. They aren't just gimmicky merch either, oh no, each brush is actually based on real wands of the characters. Using Voldemort's wand to master a cut crease? Sounds doable, Accio eyeshadow! 

Boots Swish and Flick Cosmetic Brushes

(Image credit: Boots)

23. The snuggliest hot water bottle

How cute is this hot water bottle and eye mask set? And check out the matching slippers! If you have the tradition of your family being allowed to open one prezzy on Christmas Eve then we reckon either of these would be perfect. 

(Image credit: Asos)

24. Teen approved shower speakers

Designed in collaboration with Disney, this waterproof speaker means your teens can keep their questionable singing to the shower!

(Image credit: Asos)

25. If in doubt... bath bombs

You simply can’t go wrong with Lush. Seriously, stick any one of their deliciously-scented bags under the tree and you’re golden. But this year we have fallen in love with this '90s inspired box filled with novelty, fruity fizzes, bubbles, and lathers. 

Jolly Holidays, £37.95, Lush

Lush gift set

(Image credit: Lush)

26. An instant cinema

They will thank you when Zoella's recent Asos haul can be transformed into a glorious cinematic experience. All they need to do is slide their phone into the back of this Smartphone Projector  and voila, there she is, larger than life, looking irritatingly peppy telling your teens about clothes they can't really afford. 

(Image credit: Firebox)

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