Gravel and paving for your garden

Sympathetic gravel and paving make all the difference when creating a traditional look for your outdoor space

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Top tips for buying gravel and paving

  1. Choose your gravel and paving to accent or complement what is already present in the garden, especially the fabric of the house and the local natural stone.
  2. When using gravel and aggregates wash before use to clear any small sediment. Apply over a weed block fabric to stop perennial weeds taking hold.
  3. For footpaths and drives use a medium sized gravel that won’t move around too much or get stuck in the tyres, but is still comfortable to walk on.
  4. If your garden gets a lot of shade you might want to choose a pale coloured gravel or paving that has natural light reflecting qualities to brighten your garden up.
  5. Don’t let paths and paving become dangerous when wet. Treat with a suitable product designed for removing algae such as Armillatox (01773 590566) or Wet & Forget (0800 999 3309).
  6. Use cobbles and complementary products to infill awkward shapes and soften the visual edges of paved areas and to define separate areas.
  7. Try to view the stone or paving before you buy it. Remember it will look completely different when wet.
  8. Buy an extra 5-10% to allow for breakages and mistakes.
  9. If you have several packs to use, mix them up to enhance colour blending.
  10. Dry lay the patio first to make sure you have your dimensions correct and to look at the mix of colours. Start laying from one corner and work outwards.
  11. Don’t cut corners, or apply spot mortar to the slabs, always prepare properly and lay the paving on a full bed of mortar.
  12. Create a good solid foundation and check the levels carefully.

Old London Sandstone slabs by Artisans of Devizes in front of back door

Old London Sandstone is a pale stone with tones of grey and copper highlights, designed to last a lifetime. Price £83 per square meter. H 60cm W various D 2cm, Artisans of Devizes

Bradstone Carpet stones in rustic red with scottish cobbles and harvest gold decorative aggregate on patio with bench

These Carpet Stone cobbles arrive pre-laid on an underlying flexible mat, which can be cut and shaped to fit the contours of your patio. It’s the ideal way to achieve a rustic look for your garden and a perfect solution for awkward shaped patio areas or elaborate designs. Price around £45 per m², H 120cm W 40cm D 4cm, prelaid on a flexible mat, Bradstone

Chesham Multi paving stone in a garden bordering a lawn

Match your paths and paving to your brick built home with these clay pavers from Chelmer Valley, available in a huge range of shades and options. The elegant Cottage Garden range includes bricks made in inspiring warm, rich colours in an antique finish with distinct and individual character. Price around £50 per m² H 210mm W 100mm D 50mm

Glastonbury Reclamation real stone paving slabs

Real stone can be finished to create an antique or worn look. This tumbled Vintage Black Sandstone has an aged appearance that looks great on garden paths and patios. Price £36 per m², it is available in a range of sizes and packs. H 560mm x W 280/420/560/ 700/840mm x D 25mm. From Glastonbury Reclamation

Kelkay Natural Sandstone paving stones in Cornfield

Natural sandstone blends perfectly within a garden setting. Borderstone offers a range of four colours in project packs to cover 10.2m² or 15.3m², ideal for small patios and projects. Price £299 for 10.2m² patio pack and around £399.99 15.3m² for a patio pack, various sizes in each pack, from Kelkay

Marshalls Limestone Aluri paving with Tegula border

For a distinguished and durable range of natural sandstone to suit most properties take a look at the Limestone Aluri Paving from Marshalls. The natural characteristics and veining within the limestone are unique and varied. It’s available in a range of sizes and hues, including this beautiful Rustic Ochre Multi, price from £30 per m², mixed sizes available in a 25mm thickness

Wickes Coach House Cotswold Paving stones

For consistency in paving (size and colour), consider wetcast concrete paving slabs. This Coach House Cotswold Paving from Wickes is available in a 10.93m² paving pack and is treated with a virtually undetectable TEFLON R surface protector for minimum maintenance and to preserve the look of the product without affecting its performance. Price £735.00 for the project pack, (£67.22 per m²). Various sizes. 35mm thick

Pavestone Old Black Paving stones in a garden

The beauty of sandstone lies in the variety of colour hues in the natural stone. This Pavestone Old Black Sandstone has grey and gold tones within the slabs – just one of the natural stone products on offer. Price £36 per m² but supplied in patio packs of four different size slabs to create a random pattern and cover 20.7m2. H 600/290mm W 900/600/290mm D22mm

Old York Cragstone natural paving slabs and garden incinerator

For weathered paving with an aged look, full of antique charm take a look at the Cragstone range from Natural Paving. This Old York Sandstone has hues of blue, gold and grey that come out in the rain and fade when dry. Price from £40 per m², available in project packs. H 900mm W 600mm D 24mm, H 600mm W 600mm D 24mm, H 600mm W 90mm D 24mm, H 290mm W 290mm D 24mm

Nustone Rustic Copper Slate paving stones

For the beauty of slate and other natural stone, take a look at three slate options on offer from Nustone. This versatile Rustic Copper Slate is ethically and ideal for a variety effects in the garden. Price £20.29 per m², a mixed pack of 58 slabs costs £365.22 and covers 18m². H 300 or 600mm W 300mm or 600mm or 900mm and D 20-30mm