What is a vinyl floor cloth (Plus, a roundup of our favorites)

Introducing the world’s most versatile flooring trend, vinyl floor cloths.

vinyl floor cloth
(Image credit: Tempaper)

There’s no arguing, rugs are a beautiful way to elevate a room. But in high-trafficked areas, they can require a lot of vacuuming, shaking, beating, and spot treating. Enter: a vinyl floor cloth.

This innovative home trend is a rare instance of peak form and function. What is a vinyl floor cloth, exactly? Crafted from thin vinyl (typically 1mm thick), these “rugs” are easily placed on any type of flooring. They are naturally non-slip and do not require rug pads, so renters and homeowners alike don’t have to worry about damaging floors underneath. 

With a wide array of eye-catching options on the market, these smart styles add no fuss “floor candy” to your home. Consider them art you can walk on! 

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Where to place vinyl floor cloths

Vinyl floorcloths are ideal for your home’s high-trafficked areas. They can be easily substituted anywhere you would place a low-pile rug. Of course, smooth vinyl won’t replace your plushy bedroom carpet. But they’re perfect for entryways, dining areas, kitchens, and anywhere else you might encounter muddy shoes and dropped food.

Today’s designs are available in an array of sizes and custom options, from runners to area rugs and sweet accents. And unlike rugs which require a foot-long perimeter around the room, vinyl floorcloths can be installed wall-to-wall — another bonus if you want to hide unattractive flooring.

You can even install vinyl floorcloths outside, but you’ll want to be sure to anchor your flooring to prevent wind damage. Just be sure to flip it over from time to time to air out moisture that can collect outdoors.

How to care for and clean vinyl floor cloths

Vinyl floor cloths are super easy to clean, making them a smart choice for families with pets or children. Simply sweep or vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth to clean spills. For any messy jobs, try some diluted hand soap and rinse thoroughly. You’ll want to avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges.

To prevent nicks and scratches, take care when wearing stilettos. And for dining areas, place felt covers on table legs.

Our favorite vinyl floorcloths to buy online

The market is chock-full of beautiful vinyl floorcloths. From animal prints that mimic the feel of a hide rug to Moroccan tile–inspired patterns and vintage designs, there is something for every taste.

Tempaper Animal Print Vinyl Rug

vinyl floor cloth

(Image credit: Tempaper)

Your guests won’t believe this animal print floorcloth isn’t a true hide rug. Perfect to designate your dining area or bring a home office to life, this fashionable pattern adds a chic edge to any room. Choose from several rectangular, round, and runner sizes, and the floor covering is made to order.

Safavieh Vinyl Collection Patchwork Floor Mat

(Image credit: Safavieh)

Made from durable PVC, this globally inspired floor mat is perfect for your home’s high-traffic, dirt-prone areas. Begging to be placed under your kitchen sink, this patchwork design features an array of motifs and medallion tiles in springlike hues.

Etsy Wayside Inn Design

(Image credit: Etsy)

Hand-stenciled in the New England–inspired Wayside Inn design, this historic-style floor cloth is perfect for antique homes. The artist uses traditional early American colors with Valspar’s “Pumpkin Butter” and “Decadent Red” for an authentic feel. The artisan has even created floorcloths for Colonial Williamsburg, so you know they’re the real deal.

Spicher & Company Floral Area Rug

vinyl floor cloth

(Image credit: Rugs Direct)

This garden-inspired design by Spicher and Company Vintage Vinyl brings the outdoors in all year round. Made in the USA, the rug is crafted from vinyl yarns with a low-pile height that can easily be dusted or mopped. It’s truly artwork you can walk on.

Tempaper Soleil Vinyl Rug

vinyl floor cloth

(Image credit: Tempaper)

Add a global touch with this golden starburst motif. Reminiscent of expensive imported tiles from Morocco, this captivating design will add the look of inset tile in a bathroom, kitchen, or entryway. Available in several round, rectangular, and runner sizes, you can order the perfect fit for your space.

Personalized Vinyl Kitchen Mat

Image credit: Etsy

(Image credit: Etsy)

Want to add a sleek, personal touch to your kitchen? This Etsy artisan paints an array of European-inspired kitchen mats on non-slip vinyl. Choose from a lovely French stamp, fruit design, or fun animal for children.

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