Up your gardening game with the new SmartPlant app

Get help with everything from plant names to garden design with a clever new gardening app

garden app
(Image credit: George Williams SmartPlant)

Not sure what that pretty flowering shrub down the road is called? Or perhaps you are designing your first garden and need help choosing and positioning your plants? 

One solution is hiring a garden designer – but it can be a costly one. But now there is a digital alternative (of course there is): the brand new SmartPlant App

A tech equivalent of a garden design and maintenance service, it will help you identify plants and pests, allow you live one-to-one chats with experts, and issue bespoke monthly care reminders for your plants. Moreover, it's geo-mapped to take into account your garden's location, climate, and soil type, and will create a digital plan of your new garden layout for you. 

Compatible with Alexa, the SmartPlant App is live now.