This cotton mattress topper is currently 30 percent off at Walmart

Here’s your chance to turn your bedroom into a five-star hotel suite for less than $60

Ella Jayne mattress topper
(Image credit: Walmart)

While most of us are quick to assume that a less than comfortable mattress should automatically be replaced with something made of memory foam or latex, there’s a much less wasteful and more economical alternative to try first: the mattress topper.

Whether you’re suffering from a stiff back or find your mattress too soft or too firm, a few inches of added memory foam or gel fiber, a good quality mattress topper can serve as a total bedroom game changer.

If you think it’s time you finally invest in a mattress pad, listen up: we’ve found a deal on the Ella Jayne Hotel Collection that will instantly transform your sleep routine. This fluffy, cloud-shaped cotton mattress pad is filled with a generous amount of poly gel fiber that is both cooling and supportive—and currently on offer for less than $60.

Wondering how to shop for the right mattress topper for your bed? We’ve rounded up the best mattress toppers of the year to break it down for you.

Ella Jayne 2" Loft 100 percent Cotton Plush Gel Fiber Filled Mattress Topper | Was $73.06, now $59.01

Currently on offer for less than $60, the Ella Jayne Hotel Collection mattress topper aims to make your bedroom feel as comfortable and luxurious as a five-star hotel suite thanks to its comfortable cotton make and cozy cloud-shape design. The fluffy mattress pad is filled with supportive poly gel fiber that will mold to your body shape and guarantee a restful night’s sleep, every night.

While a cotton mattress pad is already a major upgrade from a synthetic topper (or no topper at all) here are some of the benefits of the Ella Jayne Hotel Collection mattress topper:

  • Crafted from 100% cotton
  • Boasts a cloud-shaped design for added comfort
  • Filled with down alternative poly gel fiber
  • Includes a deep elastic skirt fit to ensure it stays in place
  • Machine washable and dryer-friendly as well

Upgrade your sleep setup: