The Amazon Smart Oven is coming... and you'll like it a lot

The affordable Amazon Smart Oven is perfect for small space dwellers, has tons of useful functions and can be controlled by Alexa

Amazon Smart Oven
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Amazon Smart Oven is available for pre-order in the US now – and there are tons of reasons why you might want to buy it, other than just because you can ask Alexa to get it to cook your dinner for you. 

For us, its size and multiple functions are what's impressive. We've looked closely at smart ovens and whether they're worth the money, and we have to say this is a model with a difference. Not built so much as a super-fancy gadget that you can control from afar (although you can), the Amazon Smart Oven is much more about being really useful to home cooks, particularly those squeezed for space in the kitchen.

And while it's microwave-sized, this is definitely not a glorified microwave at a higher price (Amazon already make a super-affordable microwave). Instead, it's a clever device that works as a convection oven, air fryer, hot plate for warming food, and microwave. Genius.

Amazon smart oven

(Image credit: Amazon)

What else? Well, the 'smart' component of the Smart Oven is its connectivity to Amazon Alexa, as we said above. That said, the oven itself doesn't have in-built speakers, but comes with an Echo Dot speaker

There's also the ability to choose from a range of pre-set cooking instructions such as 'cook salmon' or 'make popcorn'. Plus a customized setting that means that your preferred cooking instructions will be saved and can be retrieved at any point. 

It looks like Amazon have come up with a solution for people who, for whatever reason, don't have access to a conventional, full-sized oven, but want to do real cooking, not just defrosting ready meals in a microwave. The Smart Oven still has the ease of use associated with microwaves, with a selection of familiar buttons, so it's very easy to use if you're a beginner cook. The Amazon Smart Oven is an affordable $250, and launches on the 14th November, but is available for pre-order now. We'll keep you updated as and when it launches elsewhere in the world.