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Lego Harry Potter
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Ah, Smyths Toys. Home of LOL Dolls, Fornite, Lego, Pokemon, Frozen and, of course, slime (we still don't get the obsession). Basically, it's the perfect place to cater for every kid on your Christmas to-buy list. But who wants to face the crush of an actual store (all your senses assaulted by bright colours, loud noises and light-up EVERYTHING)? Nope, smart people do their toy shopping online and remain sane and rested.

What to buy, though? Don't worry, we've rounded up the most popular, must-have toys you can buy right now, plus a few deals to make the most of. Get ready to be the favourite parent/uncle/aunty/grandparent/distant relative...

Disney Frozen 2 Arendelle Castle | Was £143.99 now £127.99 (opens in new tab)
Okay, let's start off with the big one – Frozen. Smyths Toys have so much Frozen stuff, all at different price points. We've picked out the ultimate Frozen toy – a 5ft version of Arendelle Castle complete with 14 accessories and characters we won't even attempt to name. Olaf, we know though.

Disney Frozen 2 Anna Doll | £13.99 (opens in new tab)
Anna! There you go, another one we can name. If you are buying for a Frozen fan, you can't go wrong with an Anna doll, can you really? And if they are more team Elsa, there's an Elsa doll (opens in new tab) too.

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Costume | £16.99 (opens in new tab)
And what's better than a doll of your favourite Frozen character? Becoming your actual favourite Frozen character. 

LEGO 41167 Disney Frozen 2 Arendelle Castle Village| Was £74.99 now £67.99 (opens in new tab)
LEGO and Frozen? Well, you are on to a right winner here. And it's in the sale! This set is for 5+ and has 521 pieces, so we reckon that's at least two hours of distraction. 

POP! Vinyl: Disney Frozen 2 Elsa | Was £9.99 now £7 (opens in new tab)
We will be honest, we are not exactly sure what these POP! thingies are, but we have seen them EVERYWHERE. And both kids and adults love them. think it's like a collectables thing. Anyway Smyths have loads, and they come in the form of all your fave characters, but this Elsa one is actually reduced so we thought we would give her a special shout out. 

Rose gold jewellery set | £8 (opens in new tab)
As far as DIY jewellery sets go, this one is actually pretty classy. You can make up to five necklaces and bracelets with this set with 'rose gold' letters, trinkets and charms – the perfect grown up present for the wannabe teenager in your life. 

Harry Potter Plush Hedwig | £5 (opens in new tab)
It is every Potter fan's dream to own a Hedwig, and since importing a snowy owl probably isn't a feasible, get them the next best thing with this Hedwig plush toy. Cheaper than a real owl too. 

LEGO 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Toy | £349.99 (opens in new tab)
There are a whopping 6,020 pieces in this Harry Potter LEGO set! You get to build Hogwarts – complete with the Great Hall (stain glass windows included), Hagrid's Hut (spiders included), the whomping willow (Ford Anglia included) and the Sword of Gryffindor (magic powers not included).

LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Box Toy | Was £39.99 now £34.99 (opens in new tab) 
And if spending £349.99 seems like utter madness to you, this brick box is just £34.99. Great for those kids who just want to build whatever comes to their weird little minds. You get 790 pieces and two basemates, plus there is an ideas booklet included.  

LEGO 21141 Minecraft The Zombie Cave Adventures Building Set | £18.99 (opens in new tab)
Minecraft might have been slightly eclipsed by Fornite, but it's still a better alternative for younger kids in particular. This Minecraft LEGO set is a safe bet. It's for ages seven to 14 is ideal for younger fans of the video game.

Sheriff Woody with Interactive Figure Toy Story 4 | £49.99 (opens in new tab)
Now, this is a toy we recognise! But Woody has had a bit of a 2019 upgrade and can now interact with you. For example, shout 'Andy's coming!' and he'll flop onto the ground into 'toy mode'. Love it. 

Tabletop Football | £8 (opens in new tab)
A great Secret Santa present, or a really impressive stocking filler. This tabletop football pitch looks way more expensive than it is, and we are pretty sure this would be the most enviable Secret Santa gift in the office! There's a pool version (opens in new tab) too. 

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Winter Disco Cosmic Nova Fashion Doll and Sister | £34.99 (opens in new tab)
Anyone else getting Elton John vibes from the LOL Doll? Smyths have so much LOL stuff, and prices start from just 99p so are great for small gifts and stocking fillers too. 

PAW Patrol Four 42 Piece Count Jigsaw Puzzle Bumper Pack | £8 (opens in new tab)
Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye... errr... Everest? Anyway all the Paw Patrol gang are on a mission in this jigsaw puzzle set. You get four separate puzzles that are suitable for four plus.  

Brown Cheeky Monkey |£6 (opens in new tab)
Soft toys are always going to be a winner with younger children and we couldn't resist this cheeky monkey. He has velcro on his hands and feet so can hand from anywhere. Oh and there is a very cute pink version (opens in new tab) too. 

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag | £10 (opens in new tab)
Give the gift of endless fun with this bag of building blocks – you get 60 blocks that are suitable for 1-5 year olds. The are larger than their Lego cousins, so better for smaller hands and curious mouths. 

Oosh Cotton Candy Series 2 | Was £7.99 now £5.99 (opens in new tab)
And of course, good old slime. Just bear in mind, the child you buy this for will love you; their parent, however, will despise you. But hey, at least this slime smells nice. 

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