REVEALED: 10 top toys for Christmas 2020 predicted by Argos

These are the toys the elves at Argos say will be the most-wanted this Christmas

Argos top toys Christmas 2020
(Image credit: Argos)

With just over four months to go until Christmas, Argos has revealed the toys it predicts will be the best sellers this year (yes, we know it's August, we like to be prepared). 

Look out for requests from your little ones that include a LEGO Lamborghini, a pooing flamingo, a dancing unicorn, and an animatronic doll of ‘The Child’ from Disney’s The Mandalorian, aka Baby Yoda.

The top toys list also reflects the rise of TikTok and YouTube. KidiZoom Studio, £60, has entered the top 12, following a 12 per cent increase in orders for kids' vlogging equipment on the Argos website this year. The high-definition camera kit will suit aspiring influencers who want to film their own unboxing videos.

Research by the store has shown that lockdown has influenced what we plan to buy our kids this year. Half of parents surveyed revealed they have been reminiscing about their old toys while they’ve been stuck at home and, as a result, 22 per cent plan to give their kids gifts that remind them of their own childhood this year.

If that’s you, along with the animatronic Baby Yoda, £45, look out for the collaboration from Nintendo and LEGO. LEGO Adventures with Mario Starter Course, £50, offers kids (plus nostalgic grown-ups) the chance to play the iconic platform games in physical form, collecting coins and squashing enemies.

Argos also found that 40 per cent of parents want to purchase more toys that encourage active and imaginative play than they did last year. But fun is – of course – also on the agenda with Little Live Pets Gotta Go Flamingo, £33, an interactive flamingo that tells kids when it has to sit on its potty, and Poopsie’s Dancing Unicorn, £50, a new version of the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn that was one of the biggest hits of 2018. 

Want to snap up 2020’s top toys ready for Christmas? Just scroll down to start your shopping now. Looking for more brilliant buys? You’ll find them on our deals hub.

Sarah Warwick
Sarah Warwick

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