Off on hols? Keep your home safe with the new Somfy One smart camera

Have peace of mind with a new device that is an HD camera and burglar deterrent in one

Somfy One camera
(Image credit: Somfy One)

Want to know exactly what goes on in your home while you're away this summer? The new Somfy One HD camera will give you a crisp picture of your property day and night. Moreover, this compact device doubles up as a mighty burglar deterrent, with a built-in siren and an intelligent motion-sensor that can detect the presence of intruders before a break-in, but won't be triggered by your pets. 

(Image credit: Somfy One)

The camera also protects your privacy with a clever shutter that prevents it from filming when you and your family are around, and will know when a family member opens the front door with their key.  

For a limited time, the Somfy One is available for £189 on Somfy's website (RRP: £229).