Nectar's new pillow supports mental health campaign

New pillow developed in collaboration with mental health campaigner Jordan Stephens

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These days, we're all aware of the importance of getting a full night's sleep – as we reported last week, 'enough sleep' means consistently getting between seven and nine hours' sleep every night. But how many of us are realistically getting that amount of sleep every night? 

The answer is, sadly, not very many. The reasons vary, but for nearly quarter of us (24 per cent), not sleeping at night is linked to worrying, while seven per cent are prevented from sleeping by a mental health condition. 

There are lots of ways in which you can improve your sleep, with bedding playing a very important part – especially your mattress and pillow. And now there's a new pillow – the result of an exclusive collaboration between mental health campaigner Jordan Stephens and Nectar Sleep – that aims to highlight the link between mental health and sleep. 

A Whole Night’s Sleep pillow aims to raise awareness of the link between sleep and positive mental health, and sales of each limited edition pillow will contribute to the #IAMWHOLE campaign, which encourages people to speak out and seek help when they are experiencing mental health difficulties. The campaign also challenges harmful language and negative stigma around mental health problems. 

The pillow costs £59 and is available to purchase via Nectar Sleep. The one-off design features adjustable memory foam layers to customise your own comfort and support. Adjust according to your sleeping position and what you find comfortable. It also comes packaged with an advice card offering sleep and mental health facts and directs you to a bespoke online help page with further tips and advice.

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