Last minute Christmas gift emergency? These gift cards are fail-safe, no-brainer, people-pleasers

Giving gift cards is a total win-win: the baffled buyer gets a gift ticked off their list and the pernickety recipient's can choose what they want...

gift cards
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Gift cards are quite literally the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you're a nervous buyer who finds choosing the perfect present a daunting and high-pressured experience or a picky recipient who hates surprises, the gift of a gift card is a godsend. 

The upside of a gift card, of course, is that you can load any amount on to it and once you place it into a loved one's hands, it's up to them how they choose to use it. You can, of course, go out and buy a physical gift card to hand over to someone but EVEN EASIER is the e-Gift card, which most stores sell, too. So, can send one last minute, and your giftee doesn't have to worry about misplacing it amongst the Christmas wrapping. 

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