Easy Sunday lunch ideas: ways to mix up your roast dinner

These easy Sunday lunch ideas will help you make your Sunday meals that little bit more varied, without much effort

easy Sunday lunch ideas
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Looking for easy Sunday lunch ideas? Perhaps you'd like to introduce a bit more variation to your Sunday lunch routine, or you want a fresh twist on a classic such as the roast. These simple ideas will help you make Sunday lunch exciting again. 

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Sunday lunch idea #1: go for a soup when you're not that hungry

healthy soup recipes: butternut squash soup

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Don't want a big Sunday roast this week? Or perhaps want something easy you can prep ahead so you can go for a nice long walk instead? You'll be amazed by how nourishing and filling many soups are, especially ones made with root vegetables. You don't need any meat, either, if you're trying to eat fewer animal products. Serve your soup with fresh, crusty bread and butter to make the meal more substantial. 

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Sunday lunch idea #2: a Moroccan take on a leg of lamb

slow cooker leg of lamb recipe

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Love lamb as your Sunday lunch meat? Spice things up a bit (literally) by slow cooking your leg of lamb in ras el hanout (a North African spice mix) and then serving it shredded with couscous, and pomegranate seeds. 

See our full slow cooker leg of lamb recipe for the details. 

Sunday lunch idea #3: swap a meat roast for a vegetable tray bake

Roasted vegetables

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We really like us a tray bake at Real Homes: what could be easier or more delicious than tossing a load of fresh vegetables with olive oil in a roasting dish? To make a substantial meal, use as many different types of vegetables as you can – try experimenting by including artichokes, aubergines, fennel, and other vegetables that make less of an appearance in the traditional roast. The only thing you'll need to bear in mind is the difference in timing for the different veggies – take a look at our guide to roasting vegetables to make sure you get it right. 

Sunday lunch idea #4: try a new way with potatoes

Roast potatoes

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Yes, we know: nothing beats great roast potatoes. But there are other ways of cooking them in an oven that can add a new twist to your Sunday lunch. Try slicing your potatoes very thinly and drizzling them with olive oil before roasting for 40 minutes – you'll get delicious homemade crisps. Or what about a side of potato gratin instead? Yum.

Sunday lunch idea #5: a risotto instead of a roast

mushroom risotto recipe

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Risotto takes about 30–40 minutes of preparation and cooking time, but tastes like it's taken much longer thanks to its rich texture. It's also very, very easy to tweak risotto to make it spicy, or to make into more of a Spanish paella-style dish with paprika and seafood. All risotto requires, really, is an onion and a pint of hot stock. The rest can be improvised. The simplest risotto recipe, though, has to be the mushroom risotto – super easy, and very satisfying.