Chloé Lukasiak reveals how she's decorating her first 'big girl' apartment

Chloé Lukasiak reveals the process of designing and decorating her 'young but chic' apartment.

Chloé Lukasiak first apartment signature style
(Image credit: Coeur Communication/Chloe Lukasiak)

Chloé Lukasiak doesn't miss a step. The former Dance Mom star grew up before our eyes, mastering some of Abby Lee Miller's most complex dance routines in a matter of days, with both grace and precision, giving a compelling case that practice makes perfect. 

Now, nearly a decade later, the breakout star is still dancing circles around us all, only this time, it's not on center stage. Proving that you don't need the practice to curate the perfect apartment, Chloé Lukasiak exclusively reveals to the Real Homes team how she found her signature style and what's to come in the future. 

The key to successfully decorating your apartment? Like her age-old dance numbers, It's best to start at the top with the location — so pull up one of the best armchairs as she takes us step-by-step through her process. 

How Chloé Lukasiak found her signature style

"I didn't look at a ton of options and wasn't very picky. I found the place and decided very quickly that I would move in." 

Impulsive? Sure, but with pool access and great location, it's hard-pressed to think anything could be better than days off on the best outdoor furniture catching some sunshine — or it was until we remembered we still haven't seen inside her space.

"The only thing that mattered to me was that I loved every piece, and it all flowed together in a satisfying way."

Chloé Lukasiak

Chloe Lukasiak inside her first apartment

(Image credit: Coeur Communications)

"The only thing that mattered to me was that I loved every piece, and it all flowed together in a satisfying way. There were certain things I knew I wanted to use as soon as I saw them, so we did a lot of decorating around accent pieces, like paintings or mirrors or the bookshelves," she adds. 

While this was a solo mission, for the most part, she does reveal that her mother Christi (and her interior design degree) did play a key role in making some of the tough decisions. 

"My mom actually helped me pick out a lot for my apartment [...], and I trust her judgment a lot." And, seemingly, this sound move paid off. 

From larger-sized mirrors to intricately decorated butterfly versions (opens in new tab), "every time guests walk in, they usually say that it's very French, which I'm not opposed to at all," and neither are we. 

There's nothing chicer than a Parisian-inspired space, and if you are using Chloé's blueprint to redesign your own space, she has some pointers.

Chloés Choice: 

Jamie Young Ginkgo Leaf Mirror (opens in new tab) l Was $650, Now $487.50, at Horchow

Originality reigns supreme with this gold hand-crusted leaf mirror (opens in new tab), as no two mirrors are the same. 

Metal Vintage Style Leaning Full-Length Mirror (opens in new tab) for $299.99, at World Market 

Crafted from aluminum with a bronze finish and mirrored glass, this mirror (opens in new tab) gives all the appeal without breaking the bank. 

Everly Quinn Kirkland Ginko Leaf Eclectic Beveled Accent Mirror (opens in new tab)l Was $269.99, Now $254.99, at Wayfair

Simple yet stunning, this gold-inspired mirror (opens in new tab) adds a hint of glamour to any space. 

"I think the most important thing is simply making sure you love every piece of your home."

Chloé Lukasiak

Chloé Lukasiak gold encrusted mirror

(Image credit: Chloe Lukasiak)

"The most important thing is simply making sure you love every piece of your home. You want to go home to a beautiful space that makes you feel safe each night. I have come to learn that you should splurge on the accent pieces and buy affordable items for the things you use daily, the ones that will wear quickly," she explains. 

Meaning, instead of wastefully spending money, she was wise and opted for blue "dining" chairs as her most coveted investment, calling them the first "big girl" purchase that she made. 

Adding longevity into the mix, Chloé also points out they're transitional too in the event your style "changes [s] in a few years." 

While blue is a fantastic alternative to brown or black, it's just as receptive in a room as opposed to a brighter hue such as orange or yellow. It can easily mix and match with a handful of new pieces (if your interested changes), protecting your investment. 

Chloé's Choice: 

Canora Grey Poynter Dining Chair (Set of 2) (opens in new tab) for $379.99, at Wayfair

Blend classic elements with a unique design for a stunning mix of wicker and smooth fabric chair (opens in new tab)

Allison Upholstered Dining Chair (opens in new tab)for $700, at Perigold

Designed to solve every world problem, this option (opens in new tab) provides the utmost comfort in mind and consequently the ability to prolong those world-saving conversations at the end of any meal with friends. 

Cabriole Tufted Velvet Upholstered Parsons Chair (Set of 4) (opens in new tab)l Was $2,450.99, Now $2,200, at Perigold

Old Hollywood Glam meets timeless charm with these stunning dining chairs (opens in new tab), with impressive cabriole-shaped front legs that give a dramatic statement, while the elegantly shaped design keeps things grounded. 

"Living in an apartment has absolutely inspired me to start planning my dream home. "

Chloé Lukasiak

Now, while she is "appreciating the space while she has it," decorating her first apartment, that doesn't mean she isn't looking to her future. "Living in an apartment has absolutely inspired me to start planning my dream homes," and we're sure whenever that reveal happens, her precision will amount to pure perfection. 

Love Chloé's Choices? Check out more here

Clove Stem Buffet Table Lamp w/ Black Shade (opens in new tab) for $205, at Burke Decor

This lamp (opens in new tab) measures at 6-feet and offers a cast-iron, antique gold brass base, amplified by a chic black shade. 

Ordella White & Black Geometric Throw Pillow (opens in new tab) for $104, at Burke Decor

Designer Nikki Chu has envisioned the perfect pillow (opens in new tab) to punch up spaces with a sense of style. This go-to glam black-and-white choice will elevate spaces in seconds. 

Denton Exclusive Home Curtains Cabana Darkening Curtain Panels (Set of 2 (opens in new tab)) l Was $69.99, Now $29.99, at Wayfair

This solid room darkening indoor/outdoor grommet curtain panels are made with durable fabric, so they keep your space chic come rain or shine. 

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