5 clever Amazon garden buys to get your space winter ready

Check out these Amazon garden buys and get your terrace, balcony, deck or lawn ready for winter – everyone's buying them!

Amazon garden buys: GolWof Solar Garden Lights Outdoor on pathway
(Image credit: GolWof)

Looking for some Amazon garden buys? Spending your weekend outside? Whether you've got some de-weeding to do or you are planning to sort out your shrubs and borders, we can help make these jobs a lot more bearable. It seems that right now – while we are in lockdown 2.0 – the great British weather is treating us to some delightful days. So much so that we could even spend an hour (or two) sitting in our gardens. Possibly around a fire pit or a garden heater, though. Because what else is there to do at the moment?

So, we've compiled a list of all of the Amazon garden buys you need to put in your basket right now. All of these below are being searched for by others – it's not just you who's spending lockdown sprucing up your garden – so don't miss out!

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1. A pressure washer – to give your patio, furniture and the kids' toys a good clean down

Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

(Image credit: Karcher)

Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer | £169.99 £99.99 at Amazon
Now on sale with £70 off, this is one of the best pressure washers out there. Great for giving your patio, decking, furniture and even BBQ a good clean, it's an easy way to give your garden a new lease of life. Clean this stuff now, before the cold weather arrives, and make this job even easier for yourself come spring.

2. Some landscape pathway lighting, since it now gets dark at 5pm

GolWof Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

(Image credit: GolWof)

GolWof Solar Garden Lights Outdoor | £23.99 at Amazon
Looking to buy some solar lights? Light up your pathway with these super cute lamps, or dot them around your garden so you can see come nighttime. Simply stick them into the ground and the rest is done for you – they turn on and off automatically and they are waterproof as well as anti-corrosive.

3. Invest in some pruning shears for cutting back withered plants

JEOutdoors ZEM Pruning Shears

(Image credit: JEOutdoors)

JEOutdoors ZEM Pruning Shears | £8.99 at Amazon
USing this weekend to cut down what's dead in your garden? Don't blunt your kitchen scissors and order these from Amazon. You can get them as soon as tomorrow, and start cutting with ease. They're Amazon's top choice and they're made of high carbon alloy steel. Anti-rust, too.View Deal

4. Buy a hose! For watering those alive plants...

Pathonor Garden Hose Expandable 50FT

(Image credit: Pathonor)

Pathonor Garden Hose Expandable 50FT | £28.99 £19.99 at Amazon
This very long hose is on sale, and it's leak-proof. Not just that but it offers a whopping nine different modes from mist to cone, jet and shoker. Suitable for 3/4" and 1/2" faucets, it's a bargain. Water that garden with ease.

5. Check out this garden border – for a neat and tidy lawn

Maison & White Store 5M Grey Stone Effect Lawn Edging

(Image credit: Maison & White)

Maison & White Store 5M Grey Stone Effect Lawn Edging | £9.49 at Amazon
This clever lawn edging is easy to install, weather-resistant and affordable. Pay under £10 for 20 pieces – this should cover five metres – and use it to separate your lawn from your flower beds. Or, around pathways. An easy weekend job!View Deal

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