5 appliance gifts for the home which we couldn't be without this Christmas

If you've started to look for gifts for the home for Christmas, here are a few ideas and where you can buy them for the best price

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Like getting gifts for the home? We do, too! With the main event that is Christmas not too far away now, and Black Friday on the horizon, we're excited to have something to look forward to for the remainder of 2020 because gosh, hasn't it been a rollercoaster of a year?

So yep. It may feel like an age away, but with less than 100 days until Christmas (eep!), it may be time to start considering what gifts you’ll be getting others. Or perhaps you just want to buy yourself or someone you love a gift. Either way, the best gifts are ones that they’ll keep using for a long time, so appliances make for presents that you’re loved ones can really appreciate in the long run.

Prominence Support (opens in new tab) – domestic insurance providers – have sent us a few ideas for appliances that would make great gifts, for Christmas and all year round, and we happen to agree that these are all pretty useful. We've also added in one which our Appliances expert couldn't live without. Keep scrolling to see what they are, and where you can buy them from.

Keep scrolling to see some gifts for the home buys then, check out our Christmas hub for more ideas.

1. Get yourself a coffee maker

You could get someone else one of these for a gift, too. It’s a classic option, but there’s a reason for it. The coffee maker is essential for anyone who can’t go without their morning cup of caffeine and there are a huge range of options on the market for different kinds of coffee that you can tailor to what they want.

2. Or an air fryer for tasty yet healthy treats

One of the lesser known tools in the kitchen, the air fryer is a gift that can surprise many with its efficiency and effectiveness. Essentially a healthy version of a deep fat fryer, it creates crispy fries, meat, vegetables and pastries within minutes.

3. Stand mixers can full fill our GBBO addiction

The perfect tool for any budding baker, the kitchen mixer can be used for creating a range of foods. Eliminating the need for tired arms after hand mixing something, electric mixers are incredibly versatile and, as a gift, can encourage your loved to explore more options in the kitchen.

4. And a slow cooker can take care of meal times

For an energy efficient and economical way to cook, gifting someone a slow cooker provides them with an alternate way to make meals. As opposed to manually cooking everything, slow cookers take the pressure off you and let you get on with other jobs while meals cook nice and slowly.

5. Don't forget that you'll need a television to watch Christmas movies on, too

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a good tele to gather round. THIS is the time of year when all your classic childhood movies are replayed, and somehow they seem to get even better as the years go by (who would've though that would have even been possible?). We like a 40in TV, personally, but if you've got the space you can of course go bigger as there's the tech now which has got even bigger and better, too.

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Jennifer Oksien
Jennifer Oksien

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