Where to buy cheap home decor? We reveal our fave homeware shops – and our top buys

The Real Homes guide on where to find the best cheap home decor in the UK. To redecorate on a budget...

Cheap home decor finds – Amber Large Retro Vase from Dunelm on side with candle in
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Always on the search for cheap home decor? Us too. Whether you want to buy a few new things to redecorate your living room, you've recently renovated your bedroom, or, perhaps you are just nosy and want to have a browse? Either way, finding cheap home decor that's also nice isn't as hard as it sounds – especially when you shop at these retailers we've handpicked below. 

Our Shopping Editor has made your life ten times easier by listing our favourite places to find cheap yet chic home decor online, along with three of our top affordable picks to buy from there. Keep scrolling for the Real Homes edit of where to buy cheap home decor – or home accessories – if you are on a budget or want to spruce up your interiors. Who says you need a large budget to have a nice home? Not us... 

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1. Dunelm

We love heading to Dunelm to find cheap home decor – their stuff is always low priced yet impressively stylish and high-quality. We are talking everything from rugs to mirrors and vases.

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Amber Large Retro Vase | £8 at Dunelm (opens in new tab)
This large retro vase comes in two colourways while it's made of glass – we suggest using it to house a candle or for some fresh flowers. Place it in the middle of a table to make a statement, and to add a simple pop of colour. The bobble texture isn't something your guests' eyes will glide over, too.

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Round Framed Wall Mirror 80cm Black | £55 at Dunelm (opens in new tab)
This simple mirror is a great buy for minimalist or modern homes. It has a slim black frame and we think it looks great atop a fireplace. We even own one ourselves and the amount of brightness it adds to a room is incredible. In comparison to others we've seen online at similar sizes, this one is a bargain!

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 Zig Zag Natural Cushion | £12 at Dunelm (opens in new tab)
Perfect for placing on a bed, sofa or even a sofa bed, this 30cm x 50cm cushion is neutral in colour so as to blend in with your home, while it's textured to catch the eye. We love! And what a bargain...

2. Matalan

Matalan is another great place to head to if you are in search of some new cheap home accessories – especially when you're shopping with Matalan discount codes... We tend to shop there for bathroom buys 

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His Ceramic Face Plant Pot with Succulent | £8 at Matalan (opens in new tab)
This sweet succulent comes in a his and hers version, while they are both decorated with faces and clothes. Not just that but their hair is the artificial succulent, which means less work for you to do in terms of watering it. We love it placed on a windowsill.

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Wire Flower Wall Mirror | £20 at Matalan (opens in new tab)
A bargain for £20, this 55cm wall mirror is made from wire and shaped into a flower. It's white so would look lovely hung on a feature colour wall.

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Aloe in Ceramic Wall Pot | £10 at Matalan (opens in new tab)
Another plant? You bet. This one is to be hung on a wall, though, and we say it would look perfect in the midst of a gallery wall. The black wire frame goes perfectly with the while pot and the faux green Aloe, making it a fitting addition to a minimalist home – or if your place is modern, even better!

3. Amazon

Surprisingly enough, Amazon is also a great place to head to find cheap home decor. In fact, we've bought a few items we've listed below ourselves. Our verdict? Impressive.

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Nuptio 2 Pcs Candlestick Holder | £15.98 £14.98 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
These candlestick holders are perfect for popping on a dining table, placing on a side table or adding to a mantlepiece. They can hold your very Instagrammable tapered candles whether they are twisted or plaited. They also come in a set of two – one small and one large. They are made of aluminium and they're impressively weighty so as not to fall over. 

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Pampered Pampas Natural Dried Pampas Grass | £22.99 £19.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Gone are the days of pampas grass being an outdoor-only thing, and dried pampas grass is surprisingly sought-after at the moment. This bunch is non-toxic, 100 per cent natural and included comes 40 mixed dried stems. Cut them to any size to create an arrangement, and place them inside a vase – no water needed! Give them a shake once they arrive to fluff them up and you're all set. What a bargain! We actually own these and LOVE them.

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HIAO V2 Ceramic Vase | £20.99 £9.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This body-shaped vase is a total bargain – we've seen similar sell for £80+. Perfect for holding flowers whether dried or fresh, while it has two handles for easy carrying. It also comes in three colours including black, while it's made of ceramic. Eye-catching on a budget and we've actually bought this so can vouch for its quality.

4. Habitat

What about Habitat? Yes, you can definitely find cheap home decor here – it's also now joint with Argos so you can find some items across both sites. Find out what we're loving from Habitat at the moment below...

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Habitat Soft Textured Skandi Cushion | £14 at Habitat (opens in new tab)
Well, this cushion is definitely pretty enough for your sofa – or your bed. It's textured and will also add a pop of colour to your room, while it's very plush to make an otherwise uncomfortable looking space seem inviting.

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Habitat Boho Small Faux Face Plant | £6 at Habitat (opens in new tab)
This unique little find is faux to make your life easier when it comes to trying to keep it alive and flourishing, while the planter it comes in has a subtle face on it for decoration purposes. It's unique and probably not for everyone, but we love it.

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Habitat Ivy Small Marble and Brass Dinner Candle Holder | £10 at Habitat (opens in new tab)
How expensive does this look? For just £10, we'd buy a few. For placing on a coffee table, dining table or on a windowsill. Pair with unique shaped tapered candles and you're winning.

5. Wilko

Wilko is no longer the shop you go to for your cleaning supplies. In fact, they sell lots of stylish homeware from kitchenware to home decor. You can mostly find basics at QD, along with a few unique additions and lots of garden stuff. It's definitely worth a look...

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Wilko Seagrass Covered Vase | £8 at Wilko (opens in new tab)
How expensive does this seagrass vase look? It's perfect for boho homes, and it would look lovely holding some pampas grass. Better yet, pop some dried flowers in there and place it in the middle of your dining table. Talk about make a statement.

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Wilko Triple Taper Candle Holder Black | £4 at Wilko (opens in new tab)
Well, these are so affordable you can buy three or four to dot around your home. Jazz them up with shaped tapered candles and no one would ever know.

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Wilko Coloured Glass Swirl Bowl | £5 at Wilko (opens in new tab)
This glass bowl looks way more expensive than it is! In fact, we would say it looked around £20-£30s worth. It would also make a lovely gift. It's ideal for popping your fruit in on display.

6. Shein

Heard of Shein? You probably have but only for clothes. Well, prepare to spend some money because they also sell homeware – and at cheap prices, too. I've ordered from here a few times and each time I've been impressed. It's all cheap yet cheerful, though you may have to wait a week for delivery...

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Plant Print Cushion Cover Without Filler | £2.99 £1.99 at Shein (opens in new tab)
This cushion cover is giving us allll the summery vibes, which is what we need right now. Peach, pink and green go perfectly together, and it's a bargain. We love it for a bedroom, or even a sofa. I have three of these on my sofas and can confirm they are super soft!

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1pc Rainbow Tassel Wall Decor | £5.99 (opens in new tab)
Okay so we know that these are technically for kids' rooms, but we just think they are soooo cute!  Choose from three different colours and hang them wherever you like. On a door, from a shelf, in your car... And, reviews rate them 4.9 out of five!

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1pc Jewelry Storage Tray | £2.49 (opens in new tab)
This cute agate coaster comes in several colours, and they are great for holding more than just your glass of Prosecco. 

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Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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