White Russian recipe: an indulgent coffee cocktail

This white Russian recipe is the perfect way to enjoy a boozy coffee this summer

White Russian recipe
(Image credit: Masters of Malt)

Despite the name the only thing Russian about this white Russian recipe is the vodka. Yes, while the origins are not clear, this take on the Black Russian features vodka and coffee liqueur. Just add cream or milk and you have yourself a white Russian. If you are looking for cocktail recipes that could also double up as pudding, or a boozy coffee replacement, you really can't go wrong with this one.

And before you start saying it is the milkshake of the cocktail world, with an air of disdain, remember it is the preferred tipple of Jeffrey Lebowski from The Big Lebowski and he is 'The Dude'...

That said, it is the perfect summer cocktail for serving post dinner or on a lazy afternoon when you really want an ice cream, but also want a few bevvies. Read on to find out how to make a white Russian – we have shared some recipe upgrades, too.

How to make a white Russian

Master of Malt shared this white Russian recipe with us, featuring their suggested coffee liqueur of choice, Conker Cold Brew. Made in Dorset, but using roasted coffee beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, this tipple is bitter with notes of vanilla and brown sugar. Delicious.

We serve ours in an old fashioned glass, but you can serve in a latte glass or even a sundae glass if you double up the recipe for a long drink.


  • 40ml coffee liqueur (such as Conker Cold Brew, Tia Maria or Kahlúa)
  • 40ml vodka
  • Double cream
  • Ice
  • Nutmeg or cocoa powder to garnish


1. Shake your spirits with ice in a cocktail shaker.

2. Strain into a tumbler filled with ice.

3. Float lightly whipped cream on top and garnish with a grating of nutmeg, or cocoa powder to serve.

Alternatives servings: Some people swap cream for milk for a lighter version. Others up the sweetness and add chocolate milk instead for a milkshake-like dirty Russian. Or why not go super summery and use ice cream for a frozen Russian or Russian float? From here people add syrups, and sweet toppings like chocolates and cakes for an alcoholic 'freakshake'

Not a fan of vodka? Swap it for rum and have yourself a white Cuban.

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