Sesame chicken: Jamie Oliver's new roast chicken recipe has a killer side, too

Jamie Oliver's launched his new book 7 Ways and in it there's a sesame chicken recipe to die for – it's perfect for all seasons, too

sesame chicken
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'Feast your eyes on my sesame roast chicken! A new and exciting way to try cooking chicken!! With kimchi and silken tofu, crunchy veg slaw and fluffy rice...guys, you do not want to miss this!!' So says Jamie Oliver on his Insta account this week. So obviously we took him at his word (we were, of course just about first in line for this new book 7 Ways). 

This sesame chicken recipe is Jamie Oliver all over: simple to make, quick, affordable, healthy and oh so tasty. What's more, it's a new take on an old favourite that we really didn't think could be improved. Use our ultimate roast chicken recipe then take a look at Jamie's tips below (or buy the book – see the link below).

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Jamie Oliver's roast chicken recipe

You can find Jamie's sesame roast chicken recipe and a full ingredients' list on his recipes page – or scroll for the basics, best tips and the extras we've come up with ourselves to get an idea of whether this is a roast chicken dish you'd enjoy (you will, you will).

1. The secret to the success of this recipe is its exotic flavours. Jamie achieves this by blending kimchi, peeled ginger, red wine vinegar and olive oil (plus a dash of water) to create a smooth paste that he rubs a third of it of over the whole (uncooked) chicken. The rest of the paste is saved for later. Leave the rest in the blender for now.

2. Once that's done, Jamie roasts it in a pan at 180ºC, but there's a twist: he puts 150ml of water into the bottom of the tray, which he tops up halfway through the cooking, and uses it to baste the bird with, too. We love this approach – it makes the bird that much moister – but don't just limit it to poultry – this trick helps make a rich gravy for red meats, too. Another trick we've learnt? You can cover the bird with foil for the first half of the cooking process – it intensifies the steam around the chicken. 

3. While the chicken is roasting, Jamie says to take out another third of the paste and put it to one side for now; the third that's left can be blended with honey and tofu then brushed over the chicken when it comes out of the oven. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over the chicken – they'll easily stick to it.

4. What to do with the rest of the rub? Jamie adds half to the now empty pan along with a dash of vinegar and uses it to glaze his stir fry veg. (We've roasted brocolli then glazed it with the dressing when we've cooked it. Yum.) The other half is served up with a glug of olive oil in a bowl as a drizzle for anyone who wants extras.

5. Jamie serves his sesame roast chicken with rice, which is wonderful for soaking up the juices. When we did it, we snipped lots of green spring onions over the rice to give it some extra tang. We've also cooked Jamie's chicken as smaller joints, and swapped the rice for noodles and roasted sweet potatoes – and it worked brilliantly.

As for the genius marinade, Jamie says in his recipe instructions: 'the marinade will work a treat with all sorts – think fish, pork chops, prawns, have fun with it'. We will, Mr Oliver. We will.