Roast pork: how to roast pork for crispy crackling

Roast pork is a winner when it comes to Sunday lunch. Find out how to get it right with our top tips

Roast pork
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Roast pork may not be the most popular option when it comes to Sunday roasts, but we think it provides the perfect tasty alternative if you don't fancy lamb, beef or chicken. And the good news is that there’s plenty of choice of joints when it comes to putting pork centre stage for your roast dinner. 

The essentials, though? Crackling must be crunchy and the meat tender. So what are the need-to-knows to get this delicious combination? Find out below. 

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Roast pork

1. Weigh your joint to calculate cooking time: roast pork needs 35 minutes per 450g, plus 35 minutes on top of that.

2. Pat the skin dry with kitchen towel, and rub a tablespoon of salt into the rind 30 minutes before you put the joint in the oven.

3. For crispy crackling, starting at a higher heat for 30 minutes then reducing the temperature for the rest of the cooking time is vital. Begin at 220°C, then lower to 180°C.

4. Test the meat with a skewer in the thickest part. It’s crucial that juices run clear when it’s pork you’re serving. A meat thermometer should show around 65 to 70°C.

Tip: Don’t cover the joint while it’s cooking, and don’t worry about basting either as the fat in the joint will ensure the meat is tender. 

5. When it’s done, rest the joint for maximum succulence.

Serve your roast pork with the following...