Lamb gravy: how to make rich lamb gravy to complete your Sunday roast

Our lamb gravy is the perfect accompaniment to a succulent piece of meat – here's how to make it in five minutes

lamb gravy
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Our lamb gravy will have you wondering why you relied on gravy granules for so long. Aside from being absolutely delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to a succulent piece of meat, it's also surprisingly easy to make and will be ready in around five minutes. Not quite as quick as Bisto, but not far off...

For our rich lamb gravy, you'll need red wine, lamb stock (homemade, or shop bought will work fine), cranberry sauce or pomegranate molasses, and a little flour. If you're willing to get your hands dirty and remove the fat from your lamb, that would also add depth to the overall flavour.

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Lamb gravy recipe

Serves four


  • Lamb fat and excess, caramelised meat
  • Lamb stock, 750ml
  • Red wine, 100ml
  • Plain flour, 2 tablespoons
  • Pomegranate molasses, around quarter of a pomegranate
  • Salt and pepper, to season


1. Remove excess fat and caramelised meat from your lamb joint, adding to a saucepan on a medium heat, along with the flour. Mix with a wooden spoon until completely combined.

Top tip: if you're not using the fat from your meat, try using a knob of butter instead.

2. Gradually add your red wine to the pan, stirring so that it thickens. Add your pomegranate molasses at this stage, or a teaspoon of cranberry sauce. Stir to achieve a thick consistency. The key is not to stop stirring. 

3. Next you'll want to add your stock. This is a pretty pivotal stage, so you'll need to pay attention. Continue stirring your gravy, with one hand, while gradually adding stock with the other – you could also employ a willing sous chef to help you out at this stage.

4. Add your seasoning, and continue to stir for up to five minutes, or until thickened. 

5. Strain, if you so desire, or enjoy your gravy straight away.

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