How to freeze Yorkshire puddings

Made too many Yorkshire puddings? There’s no need to bin them – you can freeze them easily. In fact, you can even make them to freeze ahead. Here’s how

Yorkshire puddings - and how to freeze them
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Before you can freeze Yorkshire puddings, you need to know how to make them – and you can do this in our recipe guide. Then, keep scrolling for full instructions.

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How to freeze Yorkshire puddings

1. Once the Yorkshire puddings are out of the oven, take them out of the pan they’ve been cooked in and put them on a cooling rack to cool.

2. Once they are completely cold, transfer them to a freezer bag (or several) that you can seal tightly.

3. Pop them into the freezer, giving them plenty of space while they freeze to hold their shape. Try to avoid pressing other items down on top  of them once they are frozen – they will break and chip easily.

4. Leave them in the freezer for up to a month.

5. When you’re ready to cook them, they can simply be popped in a hot oven straight from the freezer and warmed through – this step should only take three or four minutes. If they come out a little dry, next time spray them with a light vegetable before putting them in the oven – but this time, smother them with gravy.