How long to steam carrots

Discover how long to steam carrots for the best taste and texture – success is less than 15 minutes

how long to steam carrots: woman with freshly pulled carrots
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Discover how long to steam carrots for a result that's not over, or under, cooked, but has the perfect amount of taste and texture. Here at Real Homes, we know a thing or two about achieving a perfectly steamed carrot, and luckily for you we're here to share the good news. 

One of the healthiest ways of preparing everyone's favourite orange (or multicoloured) vegetable is to steam them. Steaming requires nothing more than a sprinkle of salt and pepper, along with a steaming basket to allow you to complete the task at hand.

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How long to steam carrots 

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  • Carrots, cut into batons
  • Salt and pepper, for seasoning


1. Place your pre-prepared carrots into a steamer above a pan of gently boiling water. 

2. Cover your carrots and leave to steam for 10 to 12 minutes, or until tender. You don't want them to be too soft, they should still have a little bit of bite to be enjoyed at their best.

We like to serve ours briefly whizzed about in a frying pan with the tiniest amount of butter, salt and pepper – it just gives their flavour that added oomph.

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