Brunch ideas: all the brunch recipes you'll ever want in one place

Our roundup of brunch ideas has all the recipes you could imagine. From eggs, to avocado vegan delights and traditional favorites

Brunch recipes
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Think of these brunch ideas as the foundation of your weekend routine. This guide contains links to all our most popular recipes that are perfect for that lazy, weekend morning stretch when you feel like something simple yet filling. From healthy brunch ideas not so healthy but yummy ones, we have them all. Will it be a poached egg on toast? Or an avocado smash? Or are you in the mood for something a bit naughty, like waffles? We have all the brunch recipes, conveniently in one place. 

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It's fair to say that this totally depends on your taste, the amount of time that you have and the amount of effort that you're willing to put it! But, when we think of brunch, our mind does tend to flip straight to eggs (excuse the pun) and the likes. Some folk like savory foods, while if you're feeding kids (or adults) then sweeter brunch recipes like pancakes, waffles and the likes (with all the syrupy trimmings) is sure to go down a treat. 

Below we've grouped our favorite brunch recipes by type, starting with eggs, through to really tasty but simple ideas and more hearty, savory options. Whether you're new to brunch, or just new to cooking it yourself, you'll be a pro at throwing your own brunch party at home for your happy household.

Brunch recipes with eggs

Egg recipes 

Learn how to boil fry, poach, and scramble eggs – and then make egg-based classics such as Eggs Benedict. We can't even imagine our brunches without eggs on a delicious slice or two of sourdough bread, so if you learn to just cook eggs, that could well be your brunch sorted. 

Huevos rancheros 

Speaking of eggs, when you get bored of having poached egg for brunch yet again, this Mexican classic will help spice things up, literally. It's simple to make, vegetarian, and quite healthy. 

Vegetarian brunch recipes

Potato cakes 

Crispy, filling, and very satisfying to eat with a traditional fry-up, or topped off with salsa. Learn how to make this easy-going brunch option in a matter of minutes. 

Avocado toast

You really don't have to be a millennial to appreciate avocados: they're delicious, very healthy, and a great alternative to the fry-ups of yesteryear. Learn how to season and serve this amazing veg. 

Simple brunch recipes

Best pancake recipes

Simple and delightful, pancakes are a failsafe brunch idea and a household favorite everywhere! Stick to the classic recipe and you'll have brunch on the table in no time at all. We've rounded up a sweet selection of the best more creative recipes to try out at home also.


And for those mornings when you don't feel like healthy – waffles! Naughty but oh, so nice, with maple syrup, cream, and fruit, our guide will help you achieve the perfect brunch waffle. 

Corn fritters

If you've ever been to Australia, you'll know these guys: delicious with egg and toast and very easy to make. Great on their own with salad, too. 

Savory brunch recipes

Scottish breakfast

This filling, hearty breakfast is exactly what you need in the morning to get you going. Learn how to prepare it with all of the most exciting ingredients. 

Eggy crumpets

It's got egg, it's got halloumi, and it's got crumpets – what's not to like? And it comes from Jamie Oliver, so is guaranteed to be delicious.