Tips on how to clean your room — and keep it that way

I’m the OG messy girl, but I’ve *finally* nailed it

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Growing up, I was ALWAYS the kid with the messy room. It didn’t matter how much my parents nagged me to clean up my space, I just couldn’t seem to master the art of keeping on top of it. As an adult, I’ve realized just how important a clean and ordered space is.  

It turns out that once you know how, keeping your room clean is actually pretty simple. This is especially true if you utilize some of the more creative hacks that are splashed across TikTok and Insta. If you're in need of a little advice for maintaining a super tidy bedroom, read on for the best tips.

1. Refresh your mattress with vodka (yep, you read that right)

While I haven't tried this hack myself, I have friends who swear by it. When there’s no time to clean your bed using the TikTok famous baking soda trick, a spritz or two of vodka should instantly freshen up your mattress, quickly neutralizing smelly odors —3 just make sure to let it air dry before you put a sheet back on it. If you don't have any vodka — or aren’t down to waste the good stuff — rubbing alcohol works just as well. 

2. Dust off your soft furnishings with a lint roller

Got some dust build-up on your bedside lampshade and curtains? All you need to clear the dust away is a lint roller. Simply roll the sticky tape across the surface and it’ll instantly pick up and clear dust. FYI, this super useful hack is also great for upholstered headboards and those gorgeous crushed velvet chairs that I'm constantly lusting after. 

3. Use a mop to dust and clean your walls

For removing dust from the corners of your room or for sweeping cobwebs off the ceiling, a dry microfiber mop works like a dream. And, of course, for cleaning marks off your walls, the viral TikTok wall cleaning hack — aka, mopping your walls — should be your go-to. If you are going to mop your walls, you'll probably want to try an easy wring spin mop, like this one

4. Utilize the infamous TikTok basket trick

For keeping bedroom clutter at bay — or clutter in any room for that matter — give the viral basket trick a try. I use it day in and day out, and it has honestly changed my life. The idea is to keep a "clutter basket" in the corner of the room — I use one like this woven rope basket — and anything that makes its way to your bedroom but doesn’t belong there gets put in the basket at the end of the day. Once items are collected, you can put everything away before you head to bed.

5. Use a fluffy sock to clean your ceiling fan

Got a ceiling fan that always ends up dusty as hell? This quick and easy hack makes it a breeze to keep it clean. All you need to do is pop a fleece sock on your hand and gently wipe it over each fan blade — it’s quick, easy, and seriously effective. 

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