Streamline your life and elevate your interior design with LG's smart appliances

Shorter days got you rushed off your feet? Here are five reasons why LG's smart appliances can make your life easier and elevate your kitchen space.

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While it can be a blessing to have the kids back at school, or to be returning to the office again, these shorter autumnal days leave us all with less and less time to get those everyday tasks done. We would all rather be out on crisp walks or gathered around a cosy fireplace when we do get a minute to spare, but without a clean and clutter-free home to come back to, seasonal gatherings will simply leave you feeling more stressed.

Replacing your appliances is always an investment, but opting for LG Smart Appliances will bring more style and functionality to your kitchen – just in time for some indoor entertainment. 

Perhaps your washing machine has given up the ghost, or your fridge is at full capacity and unlikely to make it through a food-filled season... No matter what your reasons are for wanting to upgrade, choosing LG’s smart appliances could be what your household needs, now more than ever.

Five reasons to invest in LG smart appliances 

1. Cut down on the laundry pile

The new LG V11 F4V1112WTSA Wifi Connected 12Kg Washing Machine is the answer to all your laundry day prayers. While it has the standard dimensions of most washing machines, it offers an upgraded 12kg capacity to fit all your sports kit, sheets, towels, and uniforms in one go. By fitting in more laundry with every load, it will cut back on your number of weekly washes and leave you with more time to enjoy autumn walks and hearty roast dinners. What’s more, the speedy wash cycle will stay on top of any spills or splashes meaning that your favourite walking socks or the kids’ Sunday best will be good as new within the hour. Not only will that save you time, but by running fewer cycles to wash the same volume of laundry, it will also cut down on the amount of water and electricity you’re using to do your washing. 

2. Keep food fresher for longer

It's an added expense to keep having to throw away food that’s gone bad in the fridge, but it’s also bad for the environment. Investing in the LG InstaView™ ThinQ™ GSXV90BSAE Wifi Connected American Fridge Freezer will deliver all the freshness you crave from your food using NatureFRESH™ and LINEARCooling™. This delivers a consistent temperature that will stop any condensation, keeping maris pipers fluffy for roasting, and cabbage fresh for braising.  

3. Stylish design


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The fridge is the heart of any kitchen, so there is every reason to make sure it is packed with smart tech and finished off with a sophisticated design that you’ll enjoy for years to come. The LG GSXV90BSAE American-style fridge freezer also has an InstaView™ ThinQ™ panel. This sleek-looking fridge freezer allows you to see what’s in your fridge with a simple knock. Jam-packed with high tech, and with no need to open the door, it keeps the cold air locked in. 

As for the LG V11 F4V1112WTSA washing machine, it also comes with a modern design that delivers on functionality. It will look the part in any laundry room, and when it comes to laundry day, a steam-enabled cycle will remove 99.9% of allergens from your clothes and sheets, as well as reducing wrinkles to cut back on ironing. 

4. Precise, time-saving power

If you regularly find yourself looking for ways to speed up everyday tasks, switching to an LG smart appliance could help take your timekeeping to the next level. Designed to cater to busy families, elements such as the TurboWash™ 360° washing machine will completely wash and rinse a last-minute load in just 39 minutes, leaving you with more time to work in a trip to the park, or a well-deserved cup of tea to catch up on your favourite show. 

The LG V11 F4V1112WTSA washing machine also takes the guesswork out of adding laundry detergent. It uses an EZDispense™ system to fill up with one full bottle of detergent, which it will automatically dispense for 35 washes. No need to measure and pour in a capful for each wash, just choose your mode and let the machine do the rest. 

5. Designed with families in mind

We all want to find ways to make our homes cleaner and more hygienic. LG has fitted its GSXV90BSAE refrigerator with a UVNano™ water dispenser, which will give off UV light every hour to kill off 99.9% of bacteria so you can rest assured that your family will be well protected.

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