How to turn your home into your very own Hallmark Movie (in 5 steps)

This year, turn to Santa's workshop to create your very own Hallmark-inspired holiday – here's how

Santa's workshop
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Good Morning Christmas! Don't you love Hallmark's Christmas movies? I certainly do. 

Year-after-year, my favorite TV holiday station provides me with just the right amount of Comfort & Joy, as well as the Little Christmas Charm I was previously missing. (Like what I did there?!) 

And this year, amid a worldwide pandemic, I don't just want to virtually hang alongside Candace Cameron-Bure, I want to live in her world. If you, too, are feeling a little extra about Christmas this year, think of us as Santa's workshop: pulling out all the bells and whistles to help you make the most out of this holiday season. 

Whether you're homebound of the holidays (due to COVID restrictions) or just trying to get into the holiday spirit, we've found all the ways and pieces you'll need to recreate your very own Hallmark movie from the comfort of your own home.

So, sit back and let's go for a scroll! We're going to help you turn your home into a Hallmark movie in five simple steps! 

1. Set the stage 

Every Hallmark movie starts the same: A former do-gooder, now wrapped up in their busy career or fast-paced life in the city, suddenly realizing that their holiday season is just a little bit lonely. Most times, this "wake-up call " happens after spotting loved ones caroling together, witnessing a bake-off, or in the saddest or movies: decorating their Christmas tree alone. (We know, what a heartbreaker!) 

To set-up the scene for your own Hallmark-style revelation, take action with any of the items below: 

Santa's workshop

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Mercury Row 7.5' Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree l Was $389.99, Now $177.99, at Wayfair 

Every good holiday needs a good holiday tree, and this one is the perfect pick. 

santa's workshop

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Funoasis Christmas Tree Hanging Gnomes Ornaments Set of 10 l For $23.99, at Amazon

Get into the holiday spirit by accessorizing your perfect tree with the most perfect ornaments to match! 

santa's workshop

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Victrola 4-in-1 Nostalgic Bluetooth Record Player with 3-Speed Record Turntable and FM Radio l For $84.99, at Walmart

Immerse yourself with Christmas nostalgia with this vintage record player, that'll play all your old-school, holiday favorites. 

2. Travel home

Next, the most pivotal moment in every Hallmark holiday movie is some deep-seated urge to suddenly head back to your hometown. 

Whether your Aunt needs help with recreating the family cookie recipe that your grandma taught only to you, you lost your big city job, or you're just in need of some family time, the main character always heads back to their starting point. 

To prepare for your holiday travels (or this year, your mental/virtual travels), here are some items to help your story move along: 

santa's workshop

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Passport Christmas Tree Ornament Navy - Wondershop l For $6, at Target

Due to COVID, many of our travel plans have hit a halt. Take a trip back down memory lane, if even from the comfort of your own couch, via this passport-inspired ornament. After all: Home is just a feeling! 

santa's workshop

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Aura Carver Smart Digital Picture Frame 10.1 Inch HD WiFi Cloud Digital Frame l For $199, at Amazon

A picture says a thousand words — and with this digital frame with unlimited storage, it will keep you occupied for hours! Enjoy some of your family's most memorable moments by flipping through this virtual scrapbook; make it more interactive by sharing the love with your family via Zoom, too! 

santa's workshop

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Beis The Mini Everyday Jacquard & Faux Leather Tote l For $98, at Nordstrom

In the event, your loved ones live close enough where you can travel? Reach for this mini everyday traveler tote to carry all of your necessities. 

3. Reconnect with the true meaning of the holiday season

Now that we've traveled down memory lane (either virtually or IRL), the next thing on our to-do list is simple. 

Every character has a pivotal moment where they reconnect with the true meaning of the holiday season, usually while baking, finding the perfect gift for a loved one, or immersing themselves in a long-forgotten Christmas tradition. 

See our below ideas: 

santa's workshop

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KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer for $49.99, at Target 

The kitchen is a great place to bring people together — and do just that with your loved ones, by making your family's favorite recipes. Whether you're doing this virtually or IRL, this hand mixer will get the job done. 

Need some holiday baking inspo? Check out these Katie Lee-approved recipes here

santa's workshop

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Kraft-Gold Gift Wrap for $9.95, at CB2

Whether you're wrapping gifts for a local charity or storing something special away for your loved ones, this gift wrap will lift everyone's spirits this holiday season.  

santa's workshop

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SherryDC Cable Knit Christmas Stockings for $29.99, at Amazon

Before you can hang your stockings with care, you need to find said stocking to hang — and this all-inclusive set is the perfect option. 

Need some stocking stuffer inspo? Check out these stocking stuffer gift ideas here

4. Correct the problem 

By now, we're more than halfway through your Hallmark holiday movie, in which case, that's usually where the problems start to arise. Whether it's due to lack of communication or a misunderstanding with an old high-school sweetheart, the only thing that matters here is that we have the tools necessary to address the problem head-on.

Wondering how? Here are a few ideas: 

santa's workshop

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Papyrus Christmas Cards Boxed l Was $14.95, Now $10.33, at Amazon

Find yourself feeling a bit disconnected from your loved ones this holiday season? During such tumultuous times, it's only natural, and a great way to bridge the gap is by showing them just how much you love them and thinking about them. This holiday season, reach for one of these boxed cards to jot them a kind reminder of how much they mean to you. 

santa's workshop

(Image credit: Amazon)

2 Pack LED Light-up Knitted Beanie l Was $29.99, Now $16.99, at Amazon

Or, perhaps the disconnect occurred revolving around the dress code? Not an issue — or at least, when adding this matching 2-pack of hats to your shopping cart, it won't be. Whether you're heading to a family gathering or running late to caroling outside, ensure everyone receives the memo with this stylish set. 

santa's workshop

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Vintage Wine Estates Flights of Fancy 3 Bottle Wine Set l Was $45, Now $41, at QVC

Last but not least, maybe the problem was that you dropped your gift on the way to the big family event? Prevent any whining this season and reach for this set of three bottles of wine. Whether you chose Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Cab, or White Zinfandel — there will be more than enough to gift and go around! 

5. The grand finale 

Finally, we've reached the end — and it's time for the grand finale! Whether you've realized home is where the heart is, or you've finally learned the true meaning of Christmas, the one way to conclude your Hallmark holiday this season? 

Any of the below options, of course: 

Santa's workshop

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BBB Gingerbread House Kit l Was $9.99, Now $7.99, at Bed Bath & Beyond

Before the credits start to roll — or in this case, the sun starts to set, come together and build this gorgeous gingerbread house. 

Santa's workshop

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The Holiday Aisle Heirloom Christmas Music Box l Was $175.99, Now $145.99, at Wayfair

If the annual holiday dance is something you're missing, transport yourself there via this music box. Sure, you might not be dancing with your loved ones in-real-life, but if you give them a call on Skype? It's as close as the real thing. 

santa's workshop

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Christmas Gifts Coffee Mug for $14.99, at Amazon

Naturally, we've saved the best for last! The one thing everyone needs is a keepsake to remember us of this year (or Hallmark holiday), and this must-have mug will do the trick. Gift it to your loved ones, or treat yourself to it — either way, it's the special something you'll love (and use) for years to come. 

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