Project notes: Open-plan master suite

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Want to create the perfect master suite? Sarah Bailey shares her tips.

What I’ve learnt

‘Always make sure that there is plenty of storage incorporated into the design. It means that everything has a home, which creates a streamlined look and keeps things tidied away, so the space remains clutter-free and looking its best.’

My top tip

‘Working with a designer who really understood how spaces should be defined made all the difference. William knew that it had to be stylish but functional; opening up the room rather than just having a door leading to a walk-in wardrobe has taken the space to another level.’

bedroom after work

I couldn’t live without…

‘…the dressing room – it’s fantastic! Everything is neatly stored away so is super organised. It’s a lovely space to be in.’

My best buy

‘I would say that spending a bit more on good design has been the best investment. It helped focus my mind on what I wanted the space to offer, meaning that the end result is perfect.’

My favourite spot

‘The bedroom is a sanctuary I can retreat to after a busy day, and a place to sit back and relax when some quiet time is needed. However, it’s also a social space, and a typical evening might include me getting ready for a meal out, with Megan sitting on the bed chatting to me, or just watching television.’  

Tour: Luxury open-plan master suite