Passion fruit martini: learn how to make this popular cocktail at home

It goes by many names – passion fruit martini, passion star and porn star martini – and this fruity happy hour favourite is so easy to make

passion fruit martini
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The passion fruit martini is a firm favourite at happy hours everywhere. This sweet, fruity cocktail is served with a shot of prosecco making it a popular celebration drink – as any one who has ever been on a hen party knows...

The drink's prominence in bars has also made it a common sight on our supermarket shelves as a premixed product, with people going a bit mad for the pink M&S version in particular. But while we love these convenient cans, nothing beats the real deal, made fresh with delicious passion fruit.

You can make your own version of this delicious drink at home and it is quicker and easier than you think. See a recipe for a standard passion fruit martini below, then find out how to upgrade it with a pink variant. For more drink ideas, see our cocktail recipes.

Passion fruit martini recipe

To make this classic (once sporting the dubious title of 'porn star martini'), you will need:

  • Vanilla flavoured vodka, 60ml
  • Passoa liquer, 15 ml
  • Two fresh passion fruit
  • The juice of one lime
  • Prosecco or champagne to top up


1. Add the vanilla vodka, Passoa, lime juice and flesh of the passion fruit to a cocktail shaker. Shake until well mixed.

2. Pour into a martini glass.

3. Top up with Prosecco, or you can serve the Prosecco in a shot on the side to be added by the drinker. This helps keep the fizz for when it is served. 

Make it fancy: 

Save the passion fruit skin (make sure you have washed the outside first) then float this in the served martini and pour the Prosecco into this to serve. 

Make a pink passion star martini:

To make the pink version, replace the passoa with creme de framboise and the passion fruit with a handful of fresh raspberries.

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