6 fun ways to entertain the kids this New Year's Eve

These New Years kid's activities will keep the little (and big) kids entertained as we go into 2021

New years kids activities
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If you're on the hunt for some fun New Year's Eve party ideas to kid the kids entertained at home, you're not alone! We are all on a mission to think up inventive new ways to entertain our families this New Year's and we're here to help. As if this year hasn't been challenging enough, coming up with activities to keep the kids occupied and having fun as we launch into 2021 needn't be a stress.  

So, we've put in the legwork for you this year and put together a round up of some super kid-friendly New Year's plans – all of which are socially distanced friendly. So, whether you've got a ball of energy on your hands who loves everything outdoors or a board-game loving little'un, we've got craft ideas, games and competitions to make this New Year one to remember! 

1. A treasure hunt to use up that Christmas chocolate

new years kids activities treasure hunt

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There should be no shortage of chocolate and goodies around the festive season so why not put it to good use with an organized treasure hunt! Whether you have to stick to around the house or are lucky enough to be able to venture into your garden or a nearby park, this is a wonderful way to keep your little ones entertained. Not only will it give them a bit of exercise and excitement, but it'll also help you to put all of that surplus chocolate to good use! 

2. You won't get bored with these boardgames 

Amazon headbanz board games new years kids activities

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Kids are naturally imaginative and competitive so combine the two and encourage some fun with a day dedicated to board games. You can even set up a mini-tournament, providing an incentive to get involved in a few different games. Mix it up by switching between games that work different parts of your brain. Bananagrams is a super fun game for two to six people that doesn't require a pencil, paper or board, described as 'addictively simple' and 'simply addictive' - and we concur! You can move onto Monopoly Junior or Cluedo Junior to exercise a bit of imagination and brainpower. Oh, and Headbanz is the ultimate after-dinner game to get everyone involved! 

3. The great family bake off 

New years kids activities baking with kids

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There's nothing that sums up 2020 more than home baked goods. Aaaah - remember that banana bread phase? So, what better way to round off this year and launch into the new one than with a family bake-off? If you've got teens on your hands, they may already be seasoned bakers. However, if you're dealing with little tots, just setting up an awesome decorating station with smarties, icing, coloring and lots and lots of sprinkles will do the trick! This activity will encourage creativity, a challenge and some healthy competition. Oh, and you get to eat some lovely baked goods at the end of it all – it's a win, win! 

4. Get messy with an arts and crafts day

Amazon arts and crafts day

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Give your crafty little ones the chance to get messy with a purpose! Setting up a room with all the arts and crafts kit they could need to get super creative is a fantastic way to keep them entertained all day long! A fun little project like this will require lots of paper, some colored card, glitter (of course), pom poms, thread, felt tips, paint and coloring pencils... The Pllieay Over 2500 Pieces Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids has loads of the gear you'll need! 

5. Get creative with a tie dye kit 

Amazon tie dye kit

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This is a superb idea for any kid, little or big – buy a  Tie Dye Kit and it'll last beyond the big day! With loads of vibrant colors on offer, this is an opportunity to have fun and get creative while creating a totally unique item of clothing. What's more, this kit includes dyes that are permanent and color-fast meaning that they won't fade in the wash. A long-lasting gift or personal piece that can be made while making memories this New Year! The perfect party game and super easy to use, too - just add water and it comes with a step-by-step guide as well as nine bottles, nine dye powders, 60 rubber bands, ten gloves, a reusable surface cover and a funnel.

If you don't have time to get hold of a kit just check out our guide to how to tye dye

6. Movie marathon

Amazon movie projector

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We're not just talking about any movie marathon. We're talking about creating your very own home cinema with a movie projector, popcorn and lots of blankets and fairy lights. Go for a traditional movie marathon approach by watching back to back Shrek, Harry Potter, Frozen 1 and 2... or, spend a day watching each of your favorite films for a truly family-friendly New Years experience. Make it feel like a real cinema with Plastic Red & White Striped Classic Popcorn Containers and some bowls of sweets for a fun pick n' mix. 

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