10 reasons why you really should buy a memory foam mattress topper


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POV: Your bed is just so lumpy and you find drifting off to sleep (let alone staying asleep) a real struggle. And the cause of your lack of sleep? Your mattress.  

Whether you’re not in a position to replace your mattress RN or your landlord won’t allow you to, you might feel like you’re stuck with an uncomfortable mattress and destined for very little sleep. 

But have you ever considered investing in a mattress topper? Because, plot twist, pick the right one — aka, a memory foam one — and they are a total vibe. No matter how bad your mattress is, top it with a layer of memory foam and you’ll find yourself drifting straight off. 

Still not convinced that a memory foam mattress topper is for you? Here are 10 reasons why you really should treat yourself to a topper. 

1. A memory foam topper instantly softens a hard mattress

Feel like your mattress is just a lil’ too hard? Yup, we’ve all been there. If you can’t, or don’t want to, swap out your old mattress for a new, softer alternative. A memory foam mattress topper could help to soften up your sleep space. 

2. It can relieve back pain

Ok, ok. So you might not think back pain should be an issue just yet but pick out the wrong mattress and you might find yourself feeling all sorts of twinges, regardless of your age. What’s great about memory foam is that it’s designed to fit your body’s contours, offering just the right amount of support at all the pressure points your body needs it most. The result? No pain while sleeping, and you shouldn't wake up feeling achy either. 

3. A topper is cheaper than a brand new mattress

Sick and tired of getting a bad night’s sleep but not in a place to buy a new mattress (after all, mattresses are hella expensive)? The fact is that a good mattress topper (memory foam, we’re looking at you) can totally change the feel of a mattress. It can transform your current mattress, and give you a taste for memory foam and all at a fraction of the price of a replacement. 

4. Fidgety partner? A memory foam topper minimises motion transfer

Share your bed with a partner who likes to toss and turn or a pet that has a habit of moving around? Obvi, it’s not an issue if your mattress has minimal motion transfer, BUT if you feel like you’re being bounced around all night, a memory foam topper (that minimizes movement) could be a quick fix.  

5. Memory foam toppers make life harder for allergens

Calling all allergy sufferers — a memory foam topper could (potentially) be the answer to avoiding nighttime reactions. Why? Because the dense design of the mattress materials is less welcoming to dust mites than a traditional mattress. Plus, memory foam mattresses also limit the build-up of mold spores, pet dander, and pollen (that may drift in from outside). 

6. Good memory foam toppers can last up to 10 years

Fun fact, a high-quality memory foam topper will last you a long time — up to 10 years in some cases. Longer in the case of toppers on beds in spare rooms. So, even though they can cost more $$$ than cheaper toppers, they're a worthwhile investment.

7. They suit every single bed type

Singles, doubles, king-size, you name it, there's a memory foam topper out there to fit your bed's size. But what if you sleep on an adjustable bed? Memory foam toppers can bend and flex to suit an adjustable bed, without sagging or sliding — and you'll still remain supported.

8. The best toppers can keep you cool

Sweaty sleeper? The latest generation of memory foam mattresses is designed to be breathable, which means no more hot sweats — time of year or time of life-related.

9. They're very low maintenance

Unlike some topper types, memory foam doesn't need fluffing or flipping, although it doesn't hurt to rotate it every now and then. As for upkeep, an occasional vacuuming won't hurt. 

10. Memory foam toppers suit all sleep positions

Are you a side sleeper but your partner likes to sleep on their back? The upside of memory foam is that it can accommodate any sleeping position because it is designed to cradle every part of your body evenly. For back sleepers, it will mold to the curves of your spine, providing relaxed lumbar support. For side sleepers, it accommodates those pressure points mentioned above. And for stomach sleepers, it helps to keep your back aligned.

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