Make Your Smart Garden Office your Favorite Room

Content Supplied by Smart Garden Offices

There are a million and one different ways our Smart Garden Offices can be enjoyed. We’re dedicated and passionate about ensuring your new space is everything you want and need. Therefore as inspiration for when you’re planning your new space, we’ve listed below how five of our customers are putting their delightful garden rooms to use, followed by some tips on how to make sure your Smart Garden Office is your favourite room!

1. The Smart Garden Library

Our customers Smart Garden library is impressive to say the least. Measuring 6.4m x 3.2m internally, this clever garden library is home to a lifetime worth of books. We designed and built the shelves to make sure they didn’t have to leave a single book behind.

2. The Smart Garden Craft Room

This Smart Garden Craft Room measures 5.3m x 3.2m. Meaning this stunning room is spacious enough to fit everything a crafter could possibly need and there’s still plenty of space left to let creativity run free. Now there’s no need to tidy away each time to make room in the house, it’s a crafters dream.

3. The Smart Garden Music Room

Baby Grand Piano? Room for music books? Fantastic acoustics? That’s exactly what our customer was looking for, and that’s what we created in this intelligent garden room measuring 4.3m x 3.2m internally. This Smart Garden music room is the perfect place to write a musical masterpiece, in style and comfort.

4. The Smart Garden Gym

Our customer took advantage of the views their garden has to offer and decided to create a Smart Garden Gym. Spacious with great potential for lots of natural light, they’ve created a great place to get motivated and fit.

5. The Smart Garden Office

Of course, we can’t miss a Smart Garden Office off the list. Our Smart Garden Rooms make the perfect office. Whether you need room for one person or five people, these stylish garden rooms make the perfect work space. Professional, spacious and distraction free!

Making sure your Smart Garden Office is perfect for you: 

  • Personalise, Create and enjoy – Our Site Surveys are specifically designed to make sure you create a Smart Garden Room that’s perfect for you. So ask as many questions as you can and take full advantage of our Surveyors knowledge & insight.
  • Ticking all the boxes – The term “planning permission” puts a lot of people off. However we can determine for you if planning permission is required (in most cases it’s not). Yet if it is, we will manage the whole process for you from start to finish. There’s no charge from us, just the charge from your local council. We’re on hand to make sure every box is ticked and the creating and installation runs as smoothly as possible
  • Creation, Installation and aftercare – We’re garden office geeks here at Smart Garden Offices, therefore we’re obsessed with making sure you Smart Garden Office is perfect for you. We’re on hand throughout the whole process and anytime afterwards to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

All of our Smart Garden rooms, no matter what size or shape are fully insulated and come with double glazed windows and doors.

As an optional extra we can design and build furniture for you, right here in our factory. Click here to see the lists of optional extras we have on offer.

Take a look at our entire range or request a catalogue by clicking here. Remember you can always call one of our friendly team on: 0800 242 5559  to discuss your ideas.

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